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Monday, September 25, 2006

Miffa Chan's First Academic Paper

“Being a little bunny is not easy” I have said it a lot of times.

My parents want me to learn several languages (Traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galego…), to study both technical and social disciplines in a good business school, may be London School of Economics and Chicago MIT.

But on top of it, they want me to socialize and to be good in team sports. They don’t know that this is not going to be possible. And this is not just a matter of time; it’s a matter of social changes and, again, technology.

Picture -Miffa reading The Wall Street Journal at her Peninsula suite

This is going to be a long story, but here you will find some clues about me, some of them you already now because me or Father Bunny already told you.

This, indeed, is going to be my first bunny academic paper.
Converged Devices, MoSoSo and Web 2.0

Miffa Chan explores the new technologies that will have great impact in the way bunnies interact. After the first revolution – Internet – that addressed some issues concerned about how the information is delivered, a new wave is coming: new developments like social software, convergence devices and the new Internet. The new turnaround could change, not only the traditional way in which information is transmitted, but who will produce content. Further it will carve a new kind of social structures that are discussed by Miss Chan.

Next Post: Introduction, or “how the new wave trapped Miffa ”

“Ser una pequeña coneja no es fácil” Lo he dicho muchas veces.

Mis padres quieren que aprenda varios idiomas (chino tradicional, inglés, castellano, catalán, euskera, gallego…) , que estudie una carrera técnica y otra social en una buena escuela de negocios, quizás en la London School of Economics y el MIT.

Pero además de esto, quieren que sea una coneja sociable y que sea buena en los deportes de equipo. No saben que no será posible, no sólo por falta de tiempo. Es algo más profundo y complicado que tiene que ver con cambios sociales y, otra vez con la tecnología.

Es una historia larga, pero en ella encontrareis algunas pistas o claves sobre mí, algunas de ellas ya las sabéis porque Papá Conejo o yo misma os las hemos contado.

Y este, a propósito, será mi primer Conejo “paper” académico.

Dispositivos de convergencia, MoSoSo y Web 2.0


Miffa Chan analiza las nuevas tecnologías que tendrán un impacto determinante sobre la forma en la que interaccionan los conejos. Después de una primera revolución – Internet – que se encaminaba hacia alternativas relacionadas con la distribución de la información, una nueva está en camino: nuevos desarrollos como el software social, dispositivos convergentes y el nuevo Internet. Una nueva vuelta de tuerca que puede cambiar, no sólo la manera tradicional en la que la información se transmite, sino quien produce esa información. Más allá de lo anterior puede sentar las bases de nuevas estructuras sociales que analiza la Señorita Chan.

Próximo artículo: Introducción, o “Como la nueva ola atrapo a Miffa”


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Miffa’s Bunny Travel Guides: Hurghada, the pictures

Thanks to my friend Alethia, I have found a nice gadget to show some of the pictures i took in Hurghada.
If you want to watch the complete reel you can do it here. Be patient while the data is loading.


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Friday, September 22, 2006

Miami Vice…? Not really in the mood. Sabotage

As you know Father Bunny is a big fan of that terrible TV serie from the 80. Once when sick at home he decided to download (ehem… to buy) all the chapters and burned them onto a DVD.

Mother Bunny wasn’t at home and I watched almost all the chapters. Ok. I must admit that Lt. Castillo and me have the same hearing to others attitudes (just stare at your partner eyes while saying nothing).

Father Bunny has made three attempts of going to the cinema but all of them failed.

The worst thing is him trying to convince me of going. Today I have visited my bunny friend evasee’s blog and have discovered Sabotage (Beastie Boys).

I love this video! But when Father Bunny saw me and my sisters watching it he started one of his old time stories.

-“ I was in Seattle in a friend’s apartment watching MTV”
- “I could not believe what I was watching; one of my favourite groups and a Super video inspired by many, many movies and Tv series…”

Blah, blah, blah…
I love this video because the music, aesthetics and plot is cool and while watching I really think that the new Miami Vice will be a void attempt to re-create that 80’s atmosphere.

PS: I would like to say hello to Iñaki that is flying over the northern territories highways like Crockett did in Miami streets
Note that there is a bunny in this video


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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Happy birthday Professor Bunny

I must admit that I don’t know him personally, but Father Bunny told me that he masters as no one in the big bunny world the art of selling carrots to bunnies.

“It not just that Miffa - told me FB-
“…is to create a mutual benefit from the carrot seller and the individual rabbit, and to collaborate in achieving new carrot standards”

Buff! May be this can explain why I am buying expensive carrots from Tijuana (Mexico)

Cheers Professor Bunny !

PS: This is a very expensive non-alcoholic champagne imported from Australia

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Today, I saw a man With a flaming eight ball tattoo'd on his arm

I saw a man
I saw a man
With a flaming eight ball tattoo'd on his arm.

This was a song from Underworld included in The Beach BSO.

But, while buying in a supermarket, Father Bunny and me noticed that this supermarket’s best guy who is working there for a while is wearing two black straps with eight balls on it.

I got scared but someday we will ask him about the fact. … sure we will...

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cafe Miffy, our unknown friends from Japan

Lucky bunnies in Guam?
Me, Miffa trying to post in Spanish (How complicated life is)

In Australia we saw a lot of Japanese people and while in a coffee having breakfast some girls suddenly started to hail me.

- “This is Miffa Chan, Miffa Chan, how cool is she”

Obviously Miff* is well known there, people love her and somehow similar actions to our blogging experiment born there.

The best, as far as I know is Cafe Miffy

We don’t understand a word, because the whole page is in Japanese but for sure there’s another Father/Mother Bunny over there with a lot of bunny children and he/she loves to travel with them. Well done!

And there are kind of poshy Miffas, Paris, Guam…

Cuando Papa Conejo y yo decidimos unirnos a la blogosfera hace casi un año pensábamos que estábamos solos, pero no lo estamos.

En Australia vimos un montón de japoneses y mientras estábamos desayunando en una cafetería unas chicas comenzaron a hacerme señas.

- Es Miffa Chan, es Miffa Chan, como mola.

Sin duda allí conocen a Miff*, la gente la aprecia y no es de extrañar que algunas ideas similares a la nuestra floreciesen.

El mejor ejemplo es Café Miffy.

No entendemos una palabra porque todo esta en japonés pero seguro que hay un Papá conejo/Mamá conejo allí que tiene un montón de conejo hijos y a el/ella les encanta viajar con ellos. ¡Bien hecho!

Y vaya conejas pijas, Paris, Guam…

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

No replacement for displacement

Miffa drove this Holden Commodore 3.8 EFI rear wheel with no ESP in Tasmania.
Cornering with this bitch was funny specially when wet, so
funny that Tasmanian Police stopped me and Father Bunny.
We thought that we were Crocket and Tubbs but we were not.

I love cars, I must admit that. No matter if we’re talking about big trucks or the latest coupe. But this can be a problem when you’re a little bunny without a driving license.

It was actually, because in the country where I am living now driving is a very dangerous activity. Speed limits are the same as 40 years ago when no ABS no ESP no NOTHING where available.

The average driver is taught how to pass several stupid trials to get his/her license. The electronics that you can find in a car help them to solve almost any problem.

Now driving is all about staring at you speedometer at legal speeds, ignore traffic and track conditions , brake as hell if you see that fuc*** (we have plenty of them with different colours and equipment) .

So if ever you need to drive – really drive – without any help and without any limits you’d better take a cab.


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