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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The 22 Non Mutable Laws of Selling Carrots: Law 4 Perception

The art of selling carrots is not a battle about carrots themselves, is a battle about the
consumer perception of you carrots.

If you want to be into this business: this is the law. (Not "the law" judge Dred was promoting).

It means: “there are no better products than others; it’s just a feeling from the consumer or relatives that told him that A is better than B. Are they working for a certification company? Sure they’re not.

But if the consumer perception is high enough, you will be able to sell rotten carrots as the fresher ones.

PD: This is not a move that we approve, but if you work for Marina D’or or any real state is a nice rule to learn.


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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bye! Star Ferry Pier - A Hong Kong icon disappears

the old pier, and... is it The Peninsula on the left?

Yesterday I booked our flight (Me, OlaF and my sisters are coming back home to celebrate MB’s birthday). But while waiting in the airport we were watching CNN news and we got shocked when the guy on the air said the Star Ferry terminal will be closed and that past Nov 11th the last ferry crossed Victoria Harbour.

It happened only two years ago but one of the most impressive things to do while in Hk is to cross from the Kwoolon area (where The Peninsula is) to HK Island using the old Star Ferries. They are cheap, fast, offer a nice view of the nice Victoria Harbour and were a HK icon.

According to Yahoo news and The Guardian “The pier, one of the territory's most famous icons in a downtown district teeming with modern skyscrapers, will be moved 360 meters (1200 feet) west to a 1.54 million US dollar new terminal.” So that means it’s not the very end of Star Ferries but it is the end of the one I knew and I used for the past two years.

As many of the people who were there saying good bye, HK ferry was part of my life, furthermore it was one of the reasons that made FB & MB to decide HK as a destination. National Geographic named it one of "the 50 places of a lifetime." in 1999, so I guess a lot of people have the same feeling.

This is me crossing the harbour in a rainy morning. I will miss you Star Ferry!


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Monday, November 27, 2006

OT, Risto Mejide, payasadas.... A lo mejor deberías ver menos la TV

It becomes a time in life when one has to be down in the arena fighting. When Miffa asked me a about something about OT (sort of Spanish pop idol) I could not elude my responsibility. So if you have something to comment, do it! But do not forget it’s my opinion and not her.

One day, while at the office, a friend of mine asked me if I watched the last OT edition where a duo was badly performed
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0lOCoK8vmk .

The performance was pathetic. No doubt. But so it’s the new Dover video. After the show some professionals judge the performance and comment about they have seen.

Risto Mejide was one of the first to talk and – as usual according to many testimonies – was the most disrespectful, direct, arrogant, etc of the whole bunch.

At first sight Cristo is an asshole who is sitting there with this arrogant attitude wearing a pair of stupid sunglasses than you can find in any Chinese store for less than 60 cents. When you do google a bit you learn than he has been working for many ad agencies and achieving real success in some of them.

He has become his own product and may be it’s a good move (He admits he has been working in his own brand since he was born). I have no idea about how much they’re paying him. I only know a little about him, ESADE, SCPF, and a lot of the typical “self aid books” jargon and Philosophy.

But Miffa, never, ever, try to be the product and the person behind it. This is a risky business and show poor respect for the profession and your partners.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Ads or no ads: Consumer behaviour and Cognitive Dissonance

What the hell I am doing here in this Holden if I could be in a mint green Rolls?

Today my assignment was to explain one of the most powerful non mutable laws (for those that emailed me telling that is immutable, I would like to say that I do not care about Al Laughing and Jack “Trucha” book and my laws are “non mutable”)

This is the law of perception. But I will write about it another day.

Today I would really like to share with you one of the most amazing behaviours that I have discovered in humans: Cognitive Dissonance (Disonancia Cognoscitiva in Spanish).

I noticed it for the first time when I bought my first
Aston Martin. Prior to make my decision of buying this car I had a decision set (a bunch of cars to choose from) that included a 911. Of course the 911 has not the class and old British heritage (don’t forget I am from HK) but sure the engineering and technology was much better.

I noticed than many
Porsche users want a sport car like the 911 but are concerned about the utility of a tiny, two seats, expensive, uncomfortable, too aggressive and attractive. Further when male humans grew up tends to accumulate fat reserves around his floating area that severely impair them to enter inside the cockpit and getting out of the car habitacle.

Porsche made a superb movement when they decided to built the Cayenne jointly with VW. A genuine Porsche with everything a
911 could offer but minimizing the “Have I taken the right decision?” effect.

Many Sport cars buyers and luxury goods buyers suffer from dissonance. This is a term used to describe a mental state of discomfort that one suffers when he or she thinks that evidences that a decision or behaviour is wrong.

There are several ways to cope with. The Miffa’s way:
"Vertu or Nokia? No problem. I take both of them, so the dissonance disappears."

Professor bunnies from all over the world study this phenomena since late fifties since dissonance is a sever obstacle to making right decisions in business.

Please little rabbits do take this matter seriously,
Dissonance happens!!.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The 22 Non Mutable Laws of Selling Carrots: Law 3 Mind

Did you blog from Egypt Miffa? Way much better that those who blog having beer in crowded bars.

It's not important to be the first in the market but the first in the mind of consumers.

Preamble: After so many attacks we have received after our 22 Non Mutable Laws Series Me and FB have gotten more mad in our aim to complete the whole 22. I will discuss this in another post but bear in mind that FB was a little bit upset about people calling him nasty things.

This law is simple but it may interfere with the first one when you analyze it isolated. Perception is very important (and there’s a law devoted to it) and if you capture the mind of the consumer and he or she really thinks your carrots are the fresher ones there’s nothing a better carrot breeder can do about that.

Exercise one: Please write down

- Which is the first blog published by a litlle bunny you have read?
- In the category of Little bunny blogger which one is your favourite?
- Think bunny. Who is the new bunny sensation?


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The 22 Non Mutable Laws of Selling Carrots: Law 2 Category

C'on Miffa you don't need glasses!

WTF! I thought the art of selling carrots was a complicate one, but now I’ve changed my mind. This is just a matter of rabbit sense. So here it’s chapter two: The Category Law

If you can't be first in a category, set up a new category you can be first in.

Given that it's very hard to gain leadership in a category where competition already exists, (you have nothing to do as a blog star or a superhero) it's better to create a product in new category than trying to attack existing categories.

If your supermarket offers you florette salads at a price a fancy restaurant would be able to match, something is wrong, or may be it’s not. They have done their homework and they did create a new category – the ready to make for lazy bastards lettuce - said a tired and really fucked up Father Bunny.

Category doesn't have to be radically different, e.g. if there's dominant player in soda drinks one can become the first to launch energetic drinks

If one can't be the first to produce genetically altered carrots, one can still be the first to do the most bizarre things with them- Said Miffa Chan


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The 22 Non Mutable Laws of Selling Carrots: Law 1

Dou you really ask for a Pepsi? you lier
It's better to be the first luxury carrot seller than it is to have the better carrots

Being first in any category or market (luxury carrots) is going to give you some advantage - being the leader comes from being first. It's much easier to get into the mind of carrot lovers first that try to convince them that your carrots are better and they will need to pay and extra.

Improvements are always made to product/service inventions and innovations, but the one who hit the first has a premium advantage. Once you are the leader, a position mostly gained by being first, it is pretty hard for competitors to dislodge you, as long as you keep your products up to date and of comparable quality.

- Bear in mind that this is valid, Miffa, as long as you won’t get mad about cost reduction to have more profits like Ford does using several components in a Jaguar that are the same you find in a Ford Focus. – added Father Bunny

Further, the first in to the market has the opportunity to have its brand name adopted as the generic category name. Once you are first and get the consumers to buy your brand, often they won't bother to switch. People tend to stick with what they've got.

- This could be described as conservative behaviour, but it’s more likely to talk about fear to fail in the right choice . In this case luxury carrots named Miffa will designate them and people will order a Miffa or Miffa's. - added FB again.


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Kuniya and Liru

Kuniya and Liru are both snakes who in the time of creation played an important role, the most important of all the creatures involved.

I am talking about the sacred place around Uluru (Ayers Rock) while a lot of aboriginal art and culture can be admired.

Kuniya is a python and Liru is a poisonous snake. Wherever you walk in the Uluru area you are surrounded by the presence of the Kuniya and Liru Tjukurpa.

But I will not talk about Kuniya – that surprisingly means female rabbit in Catalan – but about the art of selling carrots.

What the fuck? Miffa talking about that?


First: My Google analytics account shows me that people is searching inside our blog for the word “marketing” and besides that some major ad agencies are visiting me

Second: Father Bunny with the inestimable help of Professor Bunny has been past Monday and Tuesday trying to convince people about the need to do major changes in the art of selling carrots

Third: My father gave me a book as a gift about this art and give my a talk about future, respect, blah blah (may be a Madam called Katanga has some part in this plot). Anyways my birthday is coming and I really need the new Vertu.


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Saturday, November 18, 2006

San Sebastian is a nice town: sure it's

After my post about my friend Olaf, I would like to introduce all my sisters to you.

I have not done it before because we were waiting for that famous 100th post.

Let’s start! It happened that I was supposed to visit Paris with MB, so I decided to decline Father Bunny and a big and very reputable corporation from the Basque Country invitation to visit San Sebastian. This is not the first time than they offer me to visit that beautiful city, but it is the second or third that I have been unable to be there.

Anyways Miff decided to go with FB. This big corporation invited him to talk about that art of selling your carrots as the most exclusive ones (even if there’re faulty ones).
The sent them business class tickets and there they went via Hondarribia (a few kilometres away from the French border)

A nice hotel in the center with outstanding views to the “La Concha Beach” and FB and Miff enjoying a nice sunset at Chillida’s comb of wind.

This is style, but I was at home with my trip to Paris cancelled. May be one day, Iñaki, may be.


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Friday, November 17, 2006

Olaf Frundsen, me and Z-drive

Father Bunny - Note the Fast and The Furious outfit- ready to go!

During last week I have received some emails asking me about Olaf, this handsome octopus that was in my 100th post party.

Olaf is a rare specimen that usually lives at no less than 1440 feet, the deep blue – they call tem- where pressures are so high that even submarines crack.

But Olaf – a baby- who will measure more than 20 meters got lost. Yes, water temperature, tides and flows are not the same as 10 years ago, so he ended in the Mediterranean.

My parents and me decided to visit “Illes Medes” but on the south point it was so windy that we moved to the northern part.

Sea condition suddenly changed and a big storm was coming north to south with winds 6 to 7 Beaufort were approaching us.

Father Bunny put me in the safe area and he fought with fierce waves in a heroically effort to return Palamos (I have learned a thing or two about marketing, haven’t I?)

Ok. I rescued (ok, FB) Olaf and he is a Kung Fu Master who is teaching me the “Fist of the North Star Technique”

See the video to realize what you’re missing Katanga.


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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Boats, yachts, etc: Salón Náutico de Barcelona

This past Saturday I went with Father and Mather Bunny to visit the Barcelona Internacional boat exhibition (Salón Náutico). One of the biggest in Europe.

This was my first time in this kind of event and to tell you the truth I expected something more.

I do not want you to misunderstand me; it’s funny but –specially in the great lengths area- it is a very closed world reduced to a few ones wearing expensive solid gold watches.

As soon as you enter into the Parking you see a lot of three or more children families getting out of Cayennes and other inexpensive cars. (…)

I know that my friend Katanga has been telling Father Bunny that it would be better for me to be digging holes in inner China, hmm, as a way to forge my character.

Big yachts are nice to have parties on it (like Mr. Briatore do) sailing requires a lot of knowledge and practice, yeah, finally I got it.

My favourite was that black 10 meters long semi-rigid boat with four 250 hp Yamaha outboards that two Russian guys were inspecting with great attention to details.

After so much time wasted watching Miami Vice I guess that taking some good in point A and deliver them in point B is a good business.

PD: UPS and Fedex do that…

a 1000 hp boat, for what to do?

When you have attitude, any boat is right for you.


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Friday, November 10, 2006

Nielsen Buzz ratings, and again a bunny World to be conquered

After some time exploring life in my new home – Punta Cana in Dominican Republic where international song stars like Julio Iglesias, me and my sisters do share neighbourhood – things are complicated in Barcelona.

First Father Bunny is sad about all the criticism coming from that –average- cake he did for my party, then my younger sister is getting serious offers as a marketing guru after being in San Sebastian with FB and finally Mrs Katanga thinks that I do care about wearing a Tag Heuer as a way to imitate a fading star like Umah Truman (Did I spell it right?).

Who the fuck is Nielsen Father Bunny? - I asked because I founded their tag in my G-analytics (I am a Bunny, but not a dumb bunny)

“Look Miffa they charge you some money to track who, where and why” – he replied

“In my times when you bought some soap you get a nice cartoon in which you could that Ac Nielsen will pay the dealer an amount of money and will reimburse the 50 ptas off from the ticket price”

Now they have total control about TV audiences and they try to conquer the blogosphere. Have they discovered my bunny plan to conquer the world?

May be yes, may be not, but with my own convergence device I have been bitchin’ around their page and top subjects is politics – that ugly thing Father Bunny is dealing with Mr. Berrozpe – so I have decided to be aggressive.

Here is me with Santiago Carrillo. He could be Father Bunny grand grand father, but he is still in good shape.

Buzz marketing and Santiago Carillo? The world really need to be Bunny dominated

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dita von Teese, Tag Heuer and, of course, bunnies

Lately I have been very busy travelling and going from one bunny party to another one. I have been also trying to convince Father Bunny that I must celebrate a big party to celebrate my 100 th post in my Blog. (This has been written before the party and posted after it).

I must admit that most of the time I am thinking in my sweet white bunny…Ah love, love, what a beautiful way of loosing time! (that you can use to buy beautiful stuff)

My younger sister Miff “beanie” – that have been bitching around past week with Father bunny in San Sebastian- send me a picture that she saw in a fashion magazine (the bastards were on business class)

Then after some research I have discovered that the picture was taken by Mary Ellen Mark for a Tag Heuer initiative.

A bit old and too gothic for me, but still a very interesting Bunny to meet in a party.

After more research I discovered that the Madam who is holding him is married to Marilyn Manson- but this is another clue that shows that the world is thinking “Bunny”.

A Bunny domination plan to conquer the world?

May be…

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

One hundred posts and one year, simple but stylish.

Miffu, Miffe (first time on this blog), me, my friend ghosty, Miff "beannie" and our cake

Some people asked me during these two past weeks if I quit from posting because my normal one or two entries a week pace has suddenly stopped.

I decided with Father Bunny to commemorate my 100th post with a party and he promised me to make a cake. Well, he has been busy and I have been writing material for next weeks.

Finally the great day arrived and Father Bunny did it a big cake, Mother Bunny bought nice candles and all my sisters and friends were there to cheer me. Thank you!

It had been a lot of time and a lot of adventures during this time, several Bunny World Records achieved, several countries visited, new friends…

Miffa and Olaf Frundsen in Miffa's party, Olaf is a friend she met sailing

Everything started on a sunny winter day in HK Island when Father Bunny decided to adopt me. Since the beginning Father Bunny has taken me with him in many trips, Madrid, Amsterdam, his home country Andorra, several places in Costa Brava, and of course with Mother Bunny we have been in China and HK again. Certainly I missed New York but he has promised me that we will go there.

In a Cabrio, Miffa loves sports cars

Miffu that joined us a year later and that is from Hk like me) my first sailing experience after being certified as yatch master, my teddy discovering the beautiful coral in the Red Sea, the beautiful beaches in Hurghada and Australia, climbing Uluru, beautiful Kangaroos, sports cars and convertibles, Hi speed boats, soccer championship, the hottest people as the abuse gang that I met in their party, evasee who invited me to have dinner with him and her friends in Ibiza, the wifiblanes gang and Musik, Alex Bunny, Pat Bunny, Professor Garrido and Professor Bunny, lot of Father Buny friends that always have taken great care of me and a lot of people more that I have met during this time.

Not to forget our friends from Japan and from Canada and all the people
who has visited us during this time.

To everyone, Thank you very much for being there and to share life with this little bunny (ehem, not so little)

Miffa says: Thank U all. Cheers !

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