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Monday, March 26, 2007

My second time at Puerta de America

A year ago father bunny and my teddy visited Madrid. They were hosted in Hotel Puerta de America. That time they spent there four days because the dumbest marketers from the country did their annual congress on those dates and after that My father has to organize an event at IFEMA.

That time I was invited and we were on floor 2. Here you can read our adventures there.

Fortunately this year we travelled only to take care of that IFEMA event. Good planning and Fathers Bunny’s ability to delay decisions ended up in the same Hotel and travelling in Business (this was just 18 euros per fare more, so it wasn’t so bad).

Of course it was a good opportunity to visit Madrid with Chirioko and Kiirioko. A nice Hotel with nice views and exclusive rooms, a lot of services, an excellent plan for a weekend.

We were too tired on Thursday because we arrived almost at 10 pm, but while Father Bunny was busy with his stuff me and my friends enjoyed our floor designed by Mariscal. We met giant bunny at the lobby, a weird one, but still nice.

We spent most of our time at the hotel but it was very funny. Besides my friends were at the new T4 Madrid terminal and enjoyed a nice dinner in our room.

Soon a review about Puerta de America’s eleventh floor.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chairoko and Kiiroko at Carme Ruscalleda's

Experimental bunny marketing on the rocks

Finally they’ve arrived, just a couple of days flying from Tokyo to Madrid but there they were trapped at customs for four days.

Anyways, I picked them up from the post office just a minute or two before the closing time and I was unable to pick up Miffa.

They were quite tired and suffered from some jet lag but they liked the plan; going to a nice restaurant owned by Carme Ruscadella.

Who will be a better host than her?? – Who owns a restaurant in Tokyo-

And Carmen, who did an outstanding dinner for us (with her team support), was the nicer and more friendly SuperChef that I have known!!

She offered to be pictured with our bunny guest and she even took our guests to her kitchen where a girl from Japan is working.

Miffa is a little bit jealous about our new guest (She wanted to know Carme Ruscalleda ) but Chairoko and Kiiroko and Miffu slept together in Miffa’s room.

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Miffo's trip to Japan

This Tuesday my sister Miffo and my friends Pau and Laia (From Sabadell) have taken a UPS plane from Barcelona to Tokyo.

Past Sunday we did a big party, we set up everything and we built a special capsule to accommodate both of them. Father Bunny and me did a selection of Spanish food that we placed in the same capsule.

The trip will take about three days and Miffo will stay there until summer with her Japanese family. There she will learn a little bit of Japanese and will share a lot of experiences with her new bunny brothers and sisters. And they are quite a few.

Our friends from Cafemiffy master several cuisines from the east and they will introduce exquisite and secret recipes to Miffo.

Pau and Laila are entrepreneurs who will start a new life in Japan. They will attend there to school and after that their plans is to open a chain of Catalonian restaurants.

A big kiss to my sisters and their new family!!

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Friday, March 16, 2007

How to be a good motorist by our own Steve McQueen: Paco Costas

Father Bunny's new job as a gas smuggler in Irak

Sometimes you can not imagine how difficult is to have a step father from a totally different culture. Let’s say in my new country there is somehow a “missing link” between the previous generation and my father’s.

My friend Evasèe posted an article in big Corrosco’s blog about one of my Father’s most bizarre favourite TV shows.

So, he has been watching all the chapters several times during the last two days. No problem at all, but he pretended me to watch them with him.

I must admit that me and FB love cars, motorbikes and even lawn machines. He was scared of robbers and bandits (or at least this is what he told me) and I missed Guatemala where his Kia Rio flied both on tarmac and off road overtaking even 4wds.

In Australia we really took out the most from our Holden V6 both in on road and off road. A real wheel car is always fun and helps you to place the rear in the right place.

He did some training in a Land Rover’s camp sometime ago so he is above the average Joe in 4wd driving but still several thousand miles away from the impressive master that I saw in those videos.

Tight trousers, a nice camel brown leather jacket, a baseball cap and a defying sight, forget that bunch of twenty year old lamer boys. We’re talking about Paco Costas

This is according to Mr. Evasèe the Spanish Steve McQueen. It’s not only a matter of being fast, safe and with outstanding knowledge.

It’s a matter of attitude. Be a real motorist, Be Pacos Costas.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chairoko and Kiiroko, my friends from Japan are coming.

what about some window cleaning FB?
If you want to learn German you’d better go there, if you want to master paella you’d definitely need to get a Spanish cooker as teacher.

I am from Hong Kong and I have some knowledge about Cantonese cuisine, but if you have a father like me that really take care of all the mess that involves cooking will you cook as a regular basis?


Me and all my family do love Japanese cuisine and so our friends from Blanes do. And to avoid unexpected results Father Bunny and me decided that the best thing it will be to travel to Tokyo and immerse into Japan’s cooking culture under the guidance of a Japanese master.

So we did, and our friends from caffemiffy will host Miffo (my younger sister) and Pau. He is a little bunny born in Sabadell – Spain- whose Catalan name means Paul but also Peace.

Miffo will stay there till summer but Pau will remain in Tokyo with his new family. They will cook, travel, play with other bunnies, and enjoy the city and their attractions…

On the other hand Chairoko and Kiiroko will be in our home and I will take care of them. It’s a perfect excuse to visit all these Barcelona places that I do not know and to show them a lot of things.

Mother Bunny wanted me to go, but Father Bunny begged me not to go. He loves me a lot and both he and me know that three months will be unbearable for us.

Anyways I plan to be in Tokyo in eastern so Miffo and Pau won’t be alone.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Super Bunnies and "haute couture"

Sometime people ask me and Father Bunny why we write an online diary. Quite clear and simple: a super bunny star has to communicate with her multiple fans. And do you know a little bunny capable of setting so many bunny world records without loosing her style and attitude?

You liar!

But for my surprise there are a few more special bunnies out there with outstanding style.

One of them is Caffe Miffy from Japan whose adventures and travels has appeared in my blog before. But I recently discovered another bunny blogger called Miff (now Fifi Lapin, surely because Mr. Pruna did not like the project as much as the bunny community)

Who would describe better Fifi Lapin that herself

Hi, I'm Fifi. Fifi Lapin. I was born one of 257 brothers and sisters but sadly
there was an outbreak of myxamatosis when I was one year old and
I was the only one that survived. My parents are therefore incredibly
protective of me and spoil me rotten. I'm an haress to my fathers
fortune which he made playing fast and loose with carrot and
lettuce shares on the international stock market.
There are a lot of rabbits out there so I guess he just struck
gold (or orange you might say). Some people think I’m just a socialite
but I think there is more to me than just an extremely stylish clotheshorse!

Apart from the 257 brothers and the myxamatosis (a terrible and usually fatal disease caused by a virus that produces several tumours especially visible in the nose and mouth area) I must admit that one can see the style of this rabbit.

And there are some coincidences; both me and her are addicted to luxury and to an easy going life.

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Miffa’s first expedition to Sea Cucumber land failed. (part II)

Posted by Father Bunny
Sometimes my daughter Miffa has to face risks that an average bunny usually does not face. Sometimes people point me and tell me I am putting too much pressure on her.

Far from reality, I always overprotect her and if in a difficult situation I will put myself in great danger to avoid any damage to my beloved child.

But I must admit that her HongKongnese roots have a great influence in her character and he considers herself one of a kind. Stealing The Economist from our neighbours, seeking from perfection, and continuously defying and arguing with an ultra competitive Mother Bunny is forging her character.

But she is still the sweetest bunny on earth.

Here you can find some links with our route. For those of you interested in GIS, we used an inexpensive data logger GPS and we tracked our 48,78 km journey. We spent 8 hours and 21 minutes seeking for sea cucumbers. Visit the links underneath to sea some details about our trip.

Using Google Earth:
(This will require to install this software)
Using Google Maps: (This will NOT require any software installation but you will miss a lot of information)

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Miffa’s first expedition to Sea Cucumber land failed. (part I)

Fate, destiny, weather conditions… being a Sea Cucumber Tycoon is not a matter of one day.

When Father Bunny first explained me that in a business trip to his country, a tiny state called Andorra, he knew a mysterious man who was riding a high output motorcycle across Europe seeking for financial support I was very sceptical.

I usually never invest my money in FB’s business because ROI (Return on Investment) is quite poor. Excitement, danger, adventure are nicer in the big screen and besides Swiss banks offer you more for you money – provided that you have enough of it- that any complicate seek for hidden treasures.

But anyways, now I am not a little bunny anymore and I think some of my father’s ability to enter in complicate business with big losses has affected me.

Sea cucumbers are well known an appreciated in the Pacific Southern Seas, but so are they nowadays in Europe with prices around 150-200 euro / 1 kg. There are several sea cucumber varieties, but one of the best and more appreciated is a rare, unknown one living in the southern Mediterranean sea.

Several factors, global warming, tides, have produce a sever impact in this specimen and know it’s nearly extinct.

Using advanced techniques Mr. Cyteck and Mrs. Alethia were successful to clonate Sea Cucumbers in their lab. Cheap Indonesian and Chinese sea cucumber products will have nothing to do with a modern automated factory capable to produce bigger and more tasteful specimens.

Unfortunately in our first attempt we failed to find a specimen. A modern ship, the best sailors, the finest beer, the best technology was used.

But our team, at the end for several reasons we were only five professional, performed great. It’s just a matter of class and attitude to build the best Bunny Crew ever!!!

Picture credits: Mostly Cyteck and Alethia (except the sunset)

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Miffa’s impressive expedition to dominate the sea cucumber market.

not exacttly the same, ours will be without chicks wearing bikinis

Knowledge, charisma, self-motivation and the ability to select and train a good team is the key to a successful enterprise.

Miffa has inherited from his biological grand father a enormous ambition to explore and to bunny dominate the world.

To celebrate the new golden Pig year, Miffa and her crew will depart from 41°50'37.41"N - 3° 7'27.06"E . They will explore a vast area seeking for the best sea cucumbers. As a crew member the several times Nobel nominee – Mr. Cyteck – who has done extensive research about this amazing creature.

Using the best specimens he and his team will clonate them and the biggest and most advanced sea cucumber farm will be established in Blanes (Girona). A new automated sea cucumber smoking and curing factory is being built in Guadalajara. This factory will be capable to process more than 1.5 million units a year.

Other reputate members of the expedition will be:

Mr. Chan – an experienced diver and GIS guru who has developed a sophisticated technology to track sea cucumbers movements-

Mrs Chan – who has crossed from Sydney to Hobart in a 29 feet old ship defying 30 feets waves and 50 knots winds-

Miffe Chan, the highly experienced bunny sailor who will take care of the wet end.

Olaf Frünsen a giant octopus baby who will take care of the keel.

And finally, Mr Paul Cayard’s brother in law, Mr Evasee and an enigmatic bowman who joined last minute to replace Mr. Musik

Sometimes even an expereience bunny like me runs into difficulties
(picture credits Mrs Marin)

PS: The journey will be monitorized using the latest GPS devices and Google Earth.

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