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Monday, July 30, 2007

I am going to Japan, yeah, for 26 days I will be there observing my Japanese friends travel advises. And for sure I will have fun..

See you in September

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Picture taken by Mr. Musik
Oh no, that horrible carrot bear again...

Miffer es una de mis primas que vive en España como yo. Musik es su padre adoptivo y Miffer viste siempre de azul, su color favorito. Mis primas estuvieron en Barcelona este año durante el BBB (Bread & Butter).

Mis primas Pinyonet (que vive en Blanes) y Mandariana (que vive con el Sr. evasèe) tambien viven aquí con sus nuevos padres adoptivos.

Me produce una enorme satisfacción cuando ver estas fotos de mi prima tan feliz y divirtiéndose con moderación con su nuevo padre, actitud y estilo, lejos de las embarazosas escenas y excesos perpetrados por mi hermana Draculina, mi padre y algunos de sus amigos.

Saludos Familia

Miffer is one of my cousins living in Spain. Musik is her step father and she wears a blue outfit. My cousins were in Barcelona during this year BBB (Bread & Butter) show.

Together with Miffer they were Pinyonet (now living in Blanes) and Mandarina (now living with Mr. Evasèe).

Both Musik, Cyteck and Mr Evasèe swore to take care and protect my cousins and to explore live with them.

I really congratulate when I see this pictures of my cousin having fun with moderation with her step father with attitude and style, far from the embarrassing attitude and excesses shown by my sister Draculina, my father and some friends of him.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BunnyGP Vol. 2

Blast she has attitude for racing

Latest news!!!

Mr. Hamane - The new HRC President - has read our post and after some deals with Miguelona's Manager - Mr Cyteck- She has signed a 2 years contract to compite in the 8o CC superbunny series.

The team
is still negotiating her debut in upper categories due to her outstanding physical condition.
Enclosed you will find a picture of the event in which the Miffa-Wifibunnies team was presented.

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Miffe aka Mad Doctor with her helmet

This past Sunday my sister and I wanted to go to beach. But suddenly Father Bunny reminded that there were bike races on TV.

There our hopes to hit the beach ended. Personally I consider bikes very noisy, uncomfortable, dirty and without style.

ehemm.... we were just playing we ride a BunnyGp Bike

I prefer the leather seats of my Aston or the vacuum cleaner sound that you hear in a 911, but my wilder sister “Draculina” and my new friend, a giant bunny (70 cm / 2.3 ft) enjoyed the race. They enjoyed the most the last one with Bunny Pedrosa who won the race with supreme authority.

Father Bunny told us that we used the wrong helmet, he said that
this one was to pilot his jetfighter (he still thinks I am a little bunny)

Yesterday they were playing as if they were Bunny racers and they were messing with FB’s helmet and they even made a “circuit” on the carpet. I was wondering what it would happen when father bunny arrived… Nothing he started to play with them.

I still don’t like it but I love those lovely decorated orange bikes the most.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bread and Butter Barcelona BBB

"phuck" black bunnies meshing with that bear

After two years trying to be in this fashion trade fair for “some” brands Father Bunny was finally there. I was there with Mother Bunny in the last two editions and we can consider ourselves BBB’s pros.

So, I decided no to go. The shows are the same that in the past editions, most of the stands are the same and – this is the main reason- my sister Miffu has not participate in most of our adventures and she was somehow sad about it.

My family has grown a lot during last year and besides Chairoko and Kiiroko are with us. This is something I love but now we are more bunny explorers.

But, let’s return to the point BBB is a success, no one can doubt it, the shows, the atmosphere, the “flow” are great but three years in a row with the same concept – except for the Fly BBB- warn about something than may be killed the other BBB: lack of new proposals.

Miffu visited the BBB with Mother and Father Bunny

If you own several shops – something that its essential to enter some stands- you just call the sales rep and do not queue to enter a stands, may be your attendants do, but surely the owner don’t.

Still people enjoys it as a good place to party, take pictures, see new tendencies, meet old and new friends from other places…

Definitely, a good meeting point and a good source of revenue for the city of Barcelona.

Draculina "Vampirella" as she wants to be named is a sure shot,
may be Father Bunny and Mr. Evasèe are a bad example.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Soba and Youkan at Miffa's place

Soba are thin Japanese noodles made from buckwheat flour (alforfón, trigo sarraceno, trigo negro; catalán: fajol, cairat, blat cairut, blat negre).

You can have them cold or hot and according to wikipedia these thinner noodles are preferred by Tokyoites better than Udon (thick noodles).

And being Chairoko and Kiiroko from Tokyo they missed their Soba… Their parents sent us a parcel with tons of Japanese goodies to make their stay more enjoyable and to share exquisite food with Miffa´s bunny family.

Miffa and Kiiroko checking if everything was under control

Chairoko keeping an eye onto Father Bunny's work

Miffa was thinking "I wish this idiot will be able to cook it properly..."

Happy family with our Soba on a zaru? and special limited edition bowls for our soup

When we did our first attempt to cook Japanese for them we cooked the wrong stuff. We cooked it right but it wasn’t what we thought it was. Now with the hyper detailed instructions Cafemiffy sent us, even a poor oriental cooker like Father Bunny, we succeeded.

And as our friend Katanga says, no meal is complete without desert and for that we had Youkan, and not just some Youkan… they were made by Toraya (may be the best)

Thanks Caffemiffy

Chairoko and Kiiroko opening their parents gift - Youkan

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Draculina at "The Chateau"

"Le Chateau" where Draculina was captive

Draculina went with Mother Bunny to a nice Chateau in Paris. She could not stay at Barcelona any longer. She was becoming used to go out at night with father´s bunny friends and come back - very happy-at five o´clock in the morning.

Draculina had too much coffe that morning

So, mother bunny took Draculina to the Chateau and she had to stay for one week in her room. That was the price to pay after having partied for a few days

Draculina made some friends that live at that place.
She is so open minded that everyplace she goes people loves to hug her

Miffa thinks that this is the right punishment for such a bunny , who dares to go out the whole night and comes back withouth being able to ring at the door, as she could not even find the bell at the door.

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