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Friday, October 26, 2007

I must admit that I do not understand and of course I do not share my mother’s great devotion for Woody Allen. This Saturday (10/26/07) Father Bunny and Mother Bunny went to the Spanish Premiere.

They expected a crowd, but the got a nice in the middle of the middle spot with no effort. Ok the tiny cinema was full but no big lines or annoying people pushing to enter the cinema.

I must admit that I have watched the previous two movies of Woody’s bizarre triology filmed in London. All of them have a common theme: murder and how far a person can reach to get what he or she wants.

Again in the recurrent Woody’s tides calendar past movies are filmed where the low tide shows the debris we can not normally see.

I must admit that me and my father did enjoy the first movie -Match point- and even we saw some details in the plot and in the scenes that reminded us some of the best directors.

Second one had severe problems. First Woody and Scarlett together, second it pretended to be a comedy who stole some elements from other Woody’s movies (The magician, come on!!!) and the worse of the entire movie: The end.

May be 15 million euros is not enough to produce a movie, may be all the special effect and all post processing that Woody uses in his films cost much more, may be expensive suites and his wages are to high… who knows. But when he runs out of money at the end he just cut the expenses at the expense of a pathetic ending.

And in Cassandra’s Dream he really had severe cash problems.

The movie started with a good feeling, no grandpa Woody acting, no fatty Scarlett...
A pity than Colin Farrell is so puppy acting in Miami Vice, the movie, like in Woody’s.

The plot is ok, main characters (the two brothers) are ok, the rest are missing, but the end is like if you run out of space in your camera’s memory card.

Just waiting for the piece of “cake” Woody filmed in Barcelona
For the Englis trailer click here

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Miami Vice, again....

When your father is sick and no one can take care of him it’s a big problem for a little bunny, when your father loves a bizarre TV series from the 90’s and he likes to watch it while you are sitting close to him, that it’s hell on earth!!!

It happened to me once and he even dare to ask me about going to the cinema to watch the new movie – Miami vice- with Colin Farrell and Jaime Fox, but with Li Gong a Chinese lady on his 40 that really rocks on movies like Memoirs of a Geisha. Weird that a Chinese lady acts as a Japanese one but still one of my favourites actress.

Just to show how mad my father is with his Miami obsession, please check this video with a live version of Crockett's Theme

Feel free to…whatever you want... love, hate, kick Father Bunny's ass!!!
My revenge was sweet, Tonight I'll watch House

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Monday, October 22, 2007

A day at the races. The old gentleman driver’s era and the new super idiots

Yes, again, using the opportunity that my angry daughter offers me I will break his “book of style” talking about the F1 Championship.

Last weekend we celebrate a nice event in Barcelona – Martini racing legends- with Emmerson Fitipaldi and we lack old legends like J. Stewart.

On the newspapers Mr. Stewart said that the “wanna be championship” was vulnerable. But after watching the race I must say that his boss, his manager and himself are phucking idiots.

This year on the F1 they have really made a lot of effort to make it more boring – do you remember the five points they just took to Fernando at -Hungary ?, do you remember the bullshit the English press wrote about him?

Any idiot who writes on a newspaper can write a headline like “At least Fernando did not win!?

Garrafone is angry, Santander hates Dennis, an even Mercedes – great phuckers- are angry. I am happy.
Go with papa Hamilton and try to remember how you got mad while Fernando passed you.


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Friday, October 19, 2007

A fashion set with Mr. Red

who is the nicest bunny at the set?

During the past two weeks a lot of exciting events have taken place in our new home. A tribute to the old Barcelona Racing Circuit of Montjuich with classic cars and old heroes like Emersson Fitipaldi, a Gala Event to celebrate the 10th Guggenheim Museum’s anniversary…

Miffa – our Spanish sister- got angry with her Father Bunny because he told him that the family need to save money and therefore some scheduled travel must be cancelled and no more Mandarin Oriental luxuries will be tolerated.

So, Draculina, Miffa’s wicked sisters – who do not care about luxuries, but do it about party- went to the Martini Racing legends and to Bilbao with Father Bunny.

Anyways past Thursday and Friday Father Bunny was in charge of a Fashion set with models, make up, expensive clothes and we asked him to take us with him.

On Thursday a very attractive young men and a sexy girl were performing as the youngsters, on Friday the more sophisticated mature men and women were acting.

We met Mr. Red – the photographer-, Aunt Ale – who invited us to her home on Thursday-, Aunt Bere who worked with Father Bunny and Miffu a year ago and gave us a lot of love, and of course the lady who was in charge of making up and our wardrobe master, Mrs Julia.

Father Bunny and Aunt Ale were on stress imaging new poses and new sequences, while the rest of the team was taking care of clothes, make up, lights.

We liked it, but Kiiroko was mad because most of the people said she was a boy because of her outfit.

Now we want to be hired as models, who dare?

What a mess! Testing paper quality at aunt Ale's place.
I do not find this paper attractive said Kiiroko.
Would you like to touch it again said Chairoko.
I'm blinded by the light!!!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Protect yourself and your family from freeriders

My Father and friends are planning to participate in an event named “Martini Racing Legends”. Some of the best pilots from old glorious times will be there together with some racing masterpieces from the two and four wheels world.

I will be there if finally my tailor is able to finish my new racing leather cap and my vintage goggles. I will change my thermonuclear outfit and my coat with a leather raincoat and a racing scarf.

Surely they will not let in my father and their friends inside the exclusive paddock. I must admit that I have been talking with the organization about their plan to assault Mr. Stewart, steal his Scotland woollen cap and take a picture of my sister Draculina with it on. Not to tell about their plan to ride a Renault F1.

I told the organizers that my company has licensed in exclusive for Europe this Japanese high security device: Living high voltage towers capable to paralyze any free rider trying to break into your party.

The fights for the rights to party will end TM.
Call now for a free quotation (852) 2555 5788

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