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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Standing in a corner watching the cars going by!

Do you find my attractive...!

Me and Father bunny are real fighters, ready to fight in any arena. And we fight really tough… So if you dare... if you like, we will be waiting in the corner, watching cars.

We flew to Madrid in an AirEuropa’s Flight from Barcelona to Madrid, the worst option, at a mere 152 euro, one way ticket. – A Business seat in Iberia its 211 euro-

“Las declaraciones de Clos salían al paso de las acusaciones vertidas
el martes por el consorcio del fondo estadounidense Texas Pacific Group (TPG) y
de la aerolínea británica British Airways. Este grupo, que hasta el lunes aspiraba a realizar una oferta por el 100% de Iberia, culpó al Gobierno español de favorecer la compra de más capital de la compañía aérea española por parte de Caja Madrid, forzando así su retirada en esta operación.”

Texas Pacific Group, once, owned Ducati… fine, but I do not like to fly a new Iberia owned by accountants and idiots who have no idea about price fixing and QOS.

Surely some other people have the same thoughts,but we have the fealling that it's better than a state operated company ruins your time.

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Sir Denis Nayland Smith

One of the best things about being adopted by a Father like mine it’s having a lot of control about the use we do with time.

Today we were working in a new GIS application with a good friend and we were watching CUATRO, actually the infamous JAG. Really a big pamphlet where Chinese government tries to sabotage American Space Shuttle and just on the run, the next chapter, the idiot who ruined a Tomcat is sailing around Hong Kong and is held as a prisoner by Chinese authorities.

And the funniest, Maria del Carmen Gutierrez works for Iberia (bye, buy Texas Pacific) and the advisor of the US Navy surname is Chan.

Well, my father and me are really disappointed about that. We sail, we are not in the navy, but we are not idiots. But as our friend Katanga wrote in her blog there are many idiots in this world

And we’ll vote for this man in the next campaign!!!

Actually my grandfather controls all the logistic services of the world and it’s the richest man of Asia.


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Saturday, November 17, 2007

More members of The Supreme Council of The Bunny Attitude

Everyday more humans realizes about the new emerging power that is arising. In the past only a few ones – those with supreme bunny sensibility- knew that climatic changes and other factor will end in a world bunny dominated.

Some trendsetters who surf on the top of the avant-garde wave soon discovered some signals coming from different parts. They soon realize that under the new SONY campaign – apart from some inspiration from older works- an influent and powerful Bunny Commando located in Tokyo was responsible.

Recently our future unique minister for human affairs (UMFHA) – Mrs Katanga- discovered some moves from the USA Commando.

And last week a postcard inside a strange envelope was received by Father Bunny. Inside an invitation from our Central Europe Operational Unit. The nature of this unit is of a very complex nature; a cat whose name is Hoops and which IQ is much higher than its specie abandoned its inherent habits of hunting and become a vegetarian.

Extraordinary superpowers thanks to severe bunny commando training

Together with Yoyo a green rabbit – as a consequence of being used in secret military experiments, he has now that lime green colour and special superpowers- they have spread their message in UK, Norway and other countries.

Yoyo with the Grey Bunny

Now I have been invited to become the President of The Supreme Council of The Bunny Attitude.

Bunny activist from the entire planet will meet soon in a secret spot. We have decided which our Hymn is… The Brain Domination

Change Brain for Bunny and Star –in the lyrics- for End.

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