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Monday, June 30, 2008

44 years later, The Spanish soccer team makes history

Hace 44 años mi padre no había nacido, hace 24 años mi padre veía como España machacaba a Dinamarca y jugaba la final de la Eurocopa ante Francia.

España perdió esa final y mi padre – que le gustaba algo el fútbol cuando era pequeño- sufrió un disgusto terrible.

14 años después el viejo se compro una camiseta oficial adidas de la selección – la que podéis ver en las fotos- y además fue a los EEUU. En Boston Italia y España jugaron un partido decisivo que ganó Italia. España jugo mucho mejor, pero fue Italia quien ganó.

Al viejo le cogió tal berrinche que se quito la camiseta y la tiro de mala manera, lleno de mala leche juró pasar del fútbol. (cosa que ha hecho).

Hoy el equipo que ha jugado el mejor fútbol ha ganado la Eurocopa. Un equipo de jugadores jóvenes con un entrenador anciano que juegan el balón como si fuesen brasileños ha ganado a un equipo, el Alemán, que era más alto, más fuerte pero fatalmente lento y de mucha peor calidad.

Esta receta, había sido siempre desastrosa para la selección. Pero aparte del juego, del buen juego y de la suerte por primera vez hemos visto que los jugadores jugaban sin especular sobre el resultado.

Felicidades viejo, pues volver a ponerte orgulloso esa maldita camiseta.

44 years ago my Father was not born, 24 year ago my Father watched how Spain defeated Denmark and Spain played the Final Match against France.

Spain lost that final and my father – who liked football when younger- was terrible upset.

14 year ago my father bought an official Adidas T-shirt – the one you can see on the picture- and went to USA. In Boston Italy and Spain played a decisive match that finally Italy won. Spain played better football but Italy won that match.

Father Bunny was so mad that he removed his t-shirt off, throwed it away and filled up with anger promised he will not support the Spanish team anymore.

Today the team who played the best football won the European Championship. A team of young players who manage the ball as if they were from Brazil defeated a German team who was higher, stronger but fatally slower and worse players.

This recipe has always been a disaster for the Spanish soccer team. But apart from play and luck for the first time the players have been playing the same whether they were winning or loosing.

I do not like football, but I think that fate owed that victory to people like my father.

Congratulations father, now you can wear again that doomed shirt.


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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Miffo’s Sushi Bar

Miffo is a certified Japanese cooker. After one year in Tokyo (Japan) she was able to enter into Cafemiffy’s. They taught her a lot of basic techniques and some advanced ones. Miffo’s patience and dedication made her to achieve a great knowledge of basic Japanese cooking.

Today under Miffo’s strict supervision we made some Maki Sushi. (with the best ingredients you can expect – provided by Cafemiffy-)

Still some room to improve. But the overall experience has been superb.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Chan family reloaded

A girl called Marja from the Netherlands has written me a note asking me how many sisters I have. She also was wondering if mine was the greatest bunny family on the net.

Asking first the last question I definitely say that my family is not the bigger. Of course I have no idea about who has the biggest one but I know that miffyto has more than 60 sisters and our friends from Cafemiffy almost that much.

And to answer the first question I have decided to post every week or so a detailed bio of all my sisters.

If you cannot wait to see the (almost) complete family, check my Flickr

Height (cm)50
Date of birth05/2007
Twin sister Nana Chan (living in Tokyo, Japan)
Outfit(s) Orange jumper / Black surfing lycra / Cap / Motorcycle Helmet / Leather jacket
SportsSurf / Motorcycling (mini moto GP)
NotesShe is huge, almost twice as tall as her sisters. While living at Rambla Catalunya she used to sit in a nice old chair that seemed to be built for her.

She is very calm and loves to be at home reading and watching TV.


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Thursday, June 26, 2008

First attempt, a great disaster (ok, may be just a disaster)

Mother Bunny is on a business travel (or at least that is what he just told Father Bunny) and my sisters were so excited about the new gift that our friends from Japan sent us last week that the atmosphere at home was getting really thick.

I must say Father Bunny is quite good cooker but he has a great defect – he does not like sweets – and even worse he has no idea about how to make cookies.

He and Ookina download a recipe from the Internet – Butter cookies- They taste good but they’re extremely hard to mould and de-mould with a 36 Celsius environment.

I knew it would happen, but I swear you they were there almost an hour dealing with the butter cookies.

Please do not check the original Miffy cookies here.

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They did it again • Spain 3 Russia 0

Am I sleeping? I am still wondering if what we have watched on TV was real. Spain soccer team has not only defeated Russia placing the team –after 24 years- in an European Championships final match, but has played a superb match.

I decided to go out with some friends. Miffu and me remember well some matches that It had been better not to watch. Loud cries and fireworks showed us that something special was happening.

Finally they got it, and playing well. Next Sunday the final match.


¿Duermo? Todavía me lo estoy preguntando si lo que hemos visto en la tele es real. La selección española de fútbol no solo ha ganado a la selección rusa colocando – después de 24 años- de nuevo a España en la final, sino que además ha jugado un gran partido.

Yo decidí salir con mis amigas. Todavía recuerdo como Miffu y yo asistimos a más de un partido que era mejor olvidar. Los gritos y petardos nos hicieron pensar que por fin el equipo estaba ganando.

Finalmente lo consiguieron, y jugando bien. El próximo domingo, la final.


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Monday, June 23, 2008

A miracle happened today.

Hyper-media-ocrity · You don’t need to ·Emerge from nothing
You don’t need to · Tear away · You don’t need to · Tear away
Feels good · Looks good ·Sounds good ·Looks good ·Feels good too
Feels good too · (Uh-huh that’s right)

Being a little bunny is not easy®, living in a country that tends to overdo things is even harder. Spanish soccer team has been in the elite of this sport at least the last fifteen years, but has not conquered any major trophy in that time, just deceptions.

A young Father Bunny was in Boston (USA) in 1994 and he witnessed the defeat of Spain by Italy. He was pretty involved in the match and he really paid a high price – he watched the match in Univision, where the Mexican speaker looked like Moctezuma’s new incarnation – for a poor result.

Today we have just relaxed ourselves and we really did not care about the match. But Spain finally won the match thanks to one man called Iker Casillas – surely world best goalkeeper- and fate, luck, a sudden movement made by a goddess called Fortune helped.

To show my gratitude to this goddess, this is me risking my life bathing at Illes Medes.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sonar 2008 - Xiam went wild

I think we will need to add some information to our post.

The group’s name is Yelle, they’re French, as many other groups this year. Why Xiam went wild is unclear, but I think she is a great Nouvelle chanson fan.

Caution! : Although the blink rate and motion pattern of our video has been carefully checked by our strict Health and Safety policies, some people with photosensitive epilepsy may still find that the strobe lights could trigger a seizure.

You may therefore wish to avoid watching it if you suffer, or are unsure about the effects of watching it.

Caution 2: Xiam did not ingest ANY substance at all, just real mineral water and some Budweiser beer (they ran out of San Miguel)

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Sonar music festival 2008

Lately I think my father pay me less attention, ok I said to him that he looked ridiculous on that Doraemon T-shirt and that the sonar festival was for young people and not for old men.

I was not in the mood as to go there with so many people smoking and drinking beer (The risk of being burnt or someone spilling his beer on you is high) but I did not expect him going with Xiam.

A new party bunny animal is born. May be I am getting older too.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

MOB or BOB - Man Over Board or Bunny Over Board.

"Mayday, Mayday, this is Miffa, Miffa, Miffa,
our position is 41°57'40.07"N 3°14'20.73"E
we lost our sailor Miffo, we start a BOB manouver
to recover her from the sea..." DRAMATIZATION

A Mayday situation is one in which a vessel, aircraft, vehicle, or person/bunny is in grave and imminent danger and requires immediate assistance. (Wikipedia dixit)

Of course Miffo wasn't in danger at all, but she insisted in checking our Emergency Procedure (EP) and FB's ability to make front to such dangers.

FB and Miffo emerge from water and they're ready to be lifted by the rescue helicopter

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Hey, a big present is waiting for you at the Post Office

This week has been a hard one in the country where I live, Spain. A severe transport strike hit all the country. Protesters claim against high fuel prices and things gone really wild with people severely injured and even worse.

We ran out of fuel in petrol stations and ran out of fresh food in supermarkets. Of course mail and courier services were suffering severe delays.

But this afternoon we received a phone call from the post office.

- Miffa, there’s a big parcel waiting for you

So I sent my father to pick up it immediately.

Great, our friends from Caffemiffy has sent us beautiful presents: a lot of Japanese food and ingredients to cook delicious dishes and to improve my father’s skills. Besides a superb device to make biscuits that we will test as soon as possible (Father Bunny makes cakes that look horrible but taste quite fair).

Thank you very much!!

PS: Father Bunny did not see the special Japanese beers, we have hidden them. ;)

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Miffa Chan & Rafa Nadal – Roland Garros 2008

My Father said no way but I decided that I needed to be there. Do not ask me how, do not ask me why?

I am – still – the coolest bunny out there and I was there. Today a great match between pretty boy Federer and Mr. Nadal.

Congratulations Rafa!!

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Supreme Council of The Bunny Attitude Vol 2

Middhartha Rammen, the founder of the Council inside a Lotus flower, meaning
pureness and protected by two Himalayan black dragons.

Also referred as TSCTBA or in short SCBA is a former secret organization whose origins are unclear. Along time this has been motive of crude controversial positions and disputes.

The traditional theory points to a supreme spirit whose energy and wisdom helped to create the universe and its life. While this spirit’s “anima” was clear and pure it was not enough to accomplish the task. Dark forces and negative powers were required to create a perpetual unbalanced system, the system known as life.

At some point all the forces began to concentrate around both initial poles of origin. While the pole known as Yeng makes energy to flow, the pole known as Phang attracts and concentrates it. Through the time, Yeng and Phang poles and forces were balanced automatically and thus universe and life were running smoothly.

This ideal combination of energies led to a fast evolution of living elements and creatures that ends abruptly at some point when a new creature changed through evolution to a more evolved but dangerous stadium: They became biped.

As the universe itself the creatures combine the Yeng and Phang in their interior, the energy is taken and returned from the system. The energy flows through the creatures, where it has the ability to combine the right amount of clear energy coming from the Yeng pole and dark energy coming from the Phang. In a given amount of time inside a creature’s body the dark and clear energies have different values. In a continuous process the bodies charges and discharges those energies while contacting the ground using a minimum of one point of contact and a maximum of four points. Clear energy flows through three of these points and dark through only one, when those new creatures evolved the ability to stay connected most of the time with just two of their four points a major threat to universe balance was originated.

Coming next: Middhartha Rammen

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Supreme Council of The Bunny Attitude (TSCTBA)

Sometimes in this blog some information about this former ultra secret society has appeared. Despite some changes in the past months it continues to be an invite only society devoted to many activities, but with only one main objective that involves the world domination.

New, younger members have been promoted and with our power increasing during past years, with many of us in world key positions, we have decided to star a new more open approach.

Some of the first secret meetings of our council took place while having some tea.

A couple of years after one of those meetings we developed a new tea with secret properties…

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