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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Orange Cap Sect accepts a new member

Miffa is a member of The Supreme Council for The Bunny Attitude but as you might imagine the council is formed by many different bunnies that represents different parts of the world, different races, and of course who have different visions of the future bunny world.

As I have told to my daughter a lot of times one of the most widespread rabbit is the European Rabbit who has his origin in the Iberian Peninsula.

Anyways, she decided to become a Buddhist Bunny and to create her own sect inside it. As time passed by Draculina, Ookina and new members of the orange cap joined her and they have developed their own rules and culture.

Yesterday Draculina’s twin sister arrived from Hong Kong after a real nightmare finding her way from Madrid to Barcelona. She has been sleeping all the day long until 18:00 when Miffa, Ookina, Draculina and Miffu (the only no orange cap member accepted) were waiting to have tea.

The ceremony ended about 21:00 when Draculina’s twin sister has received her new nameDraculina J- and, after reading the letter 9j wrote, she was nominated as a new sect member.

Of course 9j is a member of the sect and the council. As Miffu, she is from Hong Kong and this is just enough to become a member if you pass the severe test and trials. You don’t need to wear that orange cap that – of course- denotes certain grade.

The graduation is a matter that it will be better explained by my daughter herself. In the pictures, please note the details that show the special character of this sect (ie: Miffa is wearing her band the other way out, with the golden colour outside)

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Damn, Father Bunny blasted me!

Look his metro ticket and his non electronic pace calculator
- a nice move because the heart rate monitor wasn't working today-
may be the secret to achive a good race. Our race # 819.

I have the feeling that he has been training secretly and using illegal tricks to beat our 45:00 barrier. After a hard last race – after a hard night party I organized to neutralize his training- that ended with him and my sister Draculina stopping the chrono at 0:45:05 but suffering as they were in the lungs of hell in the second half, I raised the bar and I asked for an under 44:00 minutes.

He trained with 35 Celsius past Friday and Sunday for 16 and 21 kilometres (he wants to do a half marathon in September).

As ever before the over train factor was important and we thought that he will broke due to an extreme treadmill exercise made in 0:43:48 with the second half running over 14 kph. Lot of ice, lot of complaints but lot of muscle gained in his quadriceps in two weeks. Damaged but not so much.

Last game of the season, The Eurogames – surely too early, too hot, but his last chance to win- a non profit event organized by the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation opened to everyone that promotes integration and non discrimination between gender and sexual orientation. An event with athletes from all over Europe that will raise the level of the previous races.

The race, only one leg, that's nice! close to the beach nicer!

My father has to carry Draculina with him all the time inside his cargo pants pocket or in his hands. With almost 32 celsius a cotton cargo pant over your legs with you underground ticket, sunglasses, some coins, home keys and dextrose pills is an extra weight and an extra power heater that you should better avoid, but my little bunnies, rules are rules!!

7:20 alarm clock, 8.10 underground, 8.40 a lot of people who is going to run an people who is accredited as organization are in the same underground train.

The old man is getting nervous – a French couple asked him, an English guy asked him…where are we going to get our race number? - the beginning of the end ?

May be, normally you can get your number for the race the day after but in Eurogames 10k race you must present yourself one hour before.

From the underground exit he was forced to run about 1.5 km to arrive 10 minutes before.

Draculina on the beach, after winning their bet with me, I invited them to Paella

Hahaha , he has used some energies – I was laughing in my bed.


First kilometre: amazingly the GPS said FB he was doing 4:10 a km, but the 1st kilometre mark was at 1,35 kilometres. This was very annoying because he forced his pace a lot during the first 6 kilometres where – suddenly - the gps and km mark began to match. (Well, I run out of money to pay the signal crew)

After 5,80 km nirvana arrived to Draculina and FB, they began to pass people on a very steady pace- but some tiny hills were on the last 2 kilometre- unfortunately he trained his last 21 on a hill and he was able to pass more runners and to lost almost 10 seconds arguing with Draculina before using his last forces to sprint at 14.5 kph the last 300 metres.

Unfortunately me and Mother Bunny got lost but you can check his result here. He won with a 0:43:41 chrono. But still a 21,065 kms and a 42.195 kms are part of out bets.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dan has arrived

After an exhilarating journey Dan has arrived from Japan. A noble Japanese family – The Cafemiffy clan- gave us the opportunity and the honours to train his body and soul for some time.

The induction was very formal. Miffa used her Samurai outfit and her sword while Miffo acted as the secretary of the council. Draculina and Draco were present too.

Dan swore loyalty to the Chan clan and Miffa – who overacted a little bit- nominated him as new knight of the clan.

Miffo and FB were too excited to cook sushi, so we ordered a nice Japanese meal from one of the best Japanese restaurants (The bill is still in FB’s mind). We had Sapporo beer and Sake and a nice headache today…

But What Doesn't Kill You Only Makes You Stronger.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Picture: Wikipedia
In the Gym where I train during lunch time to demonstrate my bunny daughter that her father can run a Marathon, day after day the same music is on air.

May be they have a limited amount of their budget for ambient music, or may be someone put a CD on and forgot about it.

Anyways when you are going to stay on a treadmill for almost one hour music can be a plus if the songs tempo if the right one. Day after day I was listening the same song several times during my exercise. Actually I like it, and everyday I tried to remember the melody. The voice was a known one and I had the feeling that It could be Gwen Stefani.

After some research I founded the original one (the one in the gym is a cover): Early winter.

Now I am thinking that may be Miffa is responsible for placing such a sad song in the Gym’s music list.

You, you know how to get me so low
My heart had
a crash when we spoke
I can't fix what you broke
And you, you always
have a reason
Again and again this feelin
Why do I give in

And I
always was, always was one for cryin
I always was one for tears

The sun's getting cold, it's snowin
Looks like an early
winter for us
Looks like an early winter for us
An early winter, oh I
need you to turn me over

It's sad the map of the world is on you
moon gravitates around you
The seasons escape you

And I always was,
always was one for cryin
I always was one for tears
No I never was,
never was one for lyin
You lied to me all these years


Why, why do you act so stupid
Why, you know I'm always right

Looks like an early winter for us
It hurts and I can't remember
An early winter for us
The leaves are changing colors
Starting over and over and over again
Starting over and over and over
Well it looks like an early winter for us
It looks like an early
winter for us

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Abejonejos - Mutant Bee Rabbits

Our friend Katanga – who is the only human inside the Supreme bunny Council – hates bugs, especially mosquitoes. More specifically, Tiger Mosquitoes who are active during the day and whose bit is very nasty.

She is an expert in all kinds of mosquito repellents and anti-mosquito warfare. A few days ago we watched an After Bite commercial on TV. This product is essentially ammonia in a convenient pack –similar to a big marker pen- that you use to reduce the itch mosquito bites cause to you.

The commercial starts saying: “what will happen if a mutant bee-rabbits bites you?"

A 3d model of a mutant white rabbit with bee stripes on his chest and wings shows us his smile while a couple of humans run from one point to another inside the room.

A very good idea that – one of the first it was Sony – confirms that the world will be bunny or it won’t be.

----cut here -----cortar aquí-----no usar ganchos-----do not use hooks---

Nuestra amiga Katanga – que es la unica humana dentro del Consejo Supremo Conejo – odia a los bichos, de forma más concreta a los mosquitos. De forma más concreta aún, a los mosquitos tigre que están activos durante el día y cuya picadura es muy desagradable.

Es una experta en todo tipo de medidas anti-mosquito. Hace unos días vimos un anuncio que nos encantó de un producto que se llama After Bite. Este producto es simplemente amoniaco y otros excipientes en una presentación muy práctica – similar a un rotulador gordo- que se utiliza para reducir el escozor de la picadura.

El anuncio comienza diciendo “¿Qué pasaría si te pica un abejonejo?"

Un modelo tridimensional de conejo-abeja mutante con rayas negras y amarillas en el pecho nos sonríe mientras una asustada pareja corre de un lado a otro de la habitación.

Una idea genial que – el primero fue Sony- nos confirma que el mundo será conejo, o no será mundo.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shooting day

Umeko with the Camera. She was the Camera Assistant
From Palamos to Illes Medes, very close to the coastline

After re-fueling in Sant Feliu de Guixols we headed south to Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar, we got closer as we could to shoot "damn tourist" on the beach

Father bunny is producing a short video that will show some of the best places in Costa Brava. Of course I am the executive producer and the original idea and all the shooting plan has be done by me.

I planned to shoot the coast from the air with an helicopter first and them from the sea. Unfortunately that will add 4.500,00 € an hour and I prefer to use my budget for other

I sent Mem and Umeko with him and the Camera to shoot some of the most beautiful spots from the sea with a speed boat. Unfortunately for them the wind was blowing North with an intensity of 5 and some nasty waves that like to splash people when trying to go the same direction.

I placed a GPS logger in his equipment and It seems that they did their work despite the conditions. But I will need to clarify the over 100 € restaurant bill he gave me for a three person dinner in Sa Tuna.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday in the city.

Father and Mother Bunny went for a walk today while me and Miffo remained at home with our friend Daikin.
Umeko and Mem wanted to go to the beach but they’re quite small for the long walk so they decided to go inside FB’s camelback.

They walked around 12 kms in two hours, not so bad. Just another boring Sunday in Barcelona waiting for summer vacation.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chan Family: Miffe

Miffe Chan
Height (cm)32
Date of birth21/05/2006
PlaceBarcelona - Spain
Twin sister none
Outfit(s) Orange jumper
Sportsthe ones she watches on TV
NotesMiffe was Miffa's third sister. She was born in
Barcelona and has lived in the same places Miffa did. In the apartment where tha sea could be viewed, the city Center and our new apartment.

She doesn't like to travel at all.


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Friday, July 11, 2008

X-treme sports: Raft surfing

Father Bunny knows several professional photographers like Mr. Red, Mr. Barney with exquisite technical knowledge. Others specialize in post processing like Cyteck or in portraits like Mr. Evasee.

He just doesn’t like to take pictures – except of me- , but my mother does and I must admit that she is a good sports photographer.


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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally we have done our homework

Father Bunny has been lazier than average with his running routine. Why he runs if no one is chasing him?

Finally I said to him that I needed my Hong Kong pictures today and that I will burn his new Asics Gel Kayano 14 (Humans do need shoes to run, can you imagine?)

At least he has uploaded the first three days we spent there.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My picture in a magazine: Air Macau

I must admit that I was very surprised when I received an email asking me for the original Prada Building hi-res picture I took in Japan past summer.

Someone saw it in my Flickr account and told me they wanted for the magazine they do for Air Macau.

What a strange thing a publishing company from Hong Kong asking for a picture to a little bunny artist from the same city – but who lives in Barcelona- and was in Hong Kong when they asked me for it.

The best thing I planned to visit Macau

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More Bread, less Butter

As every year since a couple of them or something, Father Bunny and one of my sisters will go to this event that has been described as:

“In Barcelona fashion victims and those who really want to be walking on the knife edge while talking about fashion and music cannot afford to miss two events Sonar and Bread & Butter”

After the terrible experience in last year’s Custo Party (I had a golden VIP entrance and I missed the catwalk) I have decided to stay at home with my new Daikin AC on.

I would add this to the above statement

“People on their late 30’s and middle 40’s should not miss BBB, specially if they get excited cross dressing or wearing outfits designed for pre-adolescents who own their self stem to Noxima.”

Ahh, if you enjoy a lot of almost nude babes that’s for you too.

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Chan family revisited · Miffu Chan

My adorable sister Miffu, born in Hong Kong but with Japanese origin (Sekiguchi) FB and MB brought her to our The Peninsula room the day I was too years old. Unforgeteable!

Miffu Chan
Height (cm)22
Date of birth01/02/2006
PlaceKwoloon - Hong Kong
Twin sister none
Outfit(s) Orange jumper / a pair of reading spectacles / Cap / Formal shirt and sleeveless vest.
NotesShe loves flowers a lot. Her travel and adventure spirit is not as big as Miffa but she has traveled a lot too.

The red and gold ribbon that Miffa is wearing on her ear it was a present from Miffu that she carries everywhere, everytime.


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