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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The run of my life

Wanna know who is my father? just remember who was in New Zealand
in summer time while others enjoied the summer in the northern hemisphere.

UPDATED: My rotten spoiled child sabotaged my time. She added 10 minutes more!!! It was less than 1:30

You know that my daughter defied me saying that humans do not run and furthermore I was old and slow. Since then I have been training hard to make her swallow her words.

And Today Draculina, Ramiro and me stopped the watch at 1:29:04 in a Half Marathon.

I must admit that now I have the expert advice of other human racers who really are aware of my problem. (Mr. Bunny)

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Napoleon and Villeneuve, Sarkozy and Zapatero

I must admit that my father hates history as much as I hate it. May be we are hard souls unable to forget all the pain and disrespect that some people showed to us. To hate or love someone is a very delicate matter so we have the right to – at least think about that-

I have learnt here in Europe that despite the EC or CE marks people in Europe has several “open claims” between the different countries that surely will produce some halts in their expected route.

I would say that in no place in Europe normal people love their neighbours. Now Sarkozy, the new Napoleon, decides who is invited to the new capitalist party. Our government led by Mr. Zapatero is trying to get invited.

We expect that if he is finally invited to the big party his role will differ from Spanish Admiral Gravina and his fleet in Trafalgar Battle where all was lost when Napoleon’s confusing orders and Villeneuves’ lack of experience trashes more than 20 ships and thousand people died.

PS: Visit Trafalgar Square to celebrate the massacre, just if you are visiting London.
PS2: Still wondering about European unity?
PS3: hahahaha

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Draculina went to FB's brother wedding


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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Real Challenge is this…!

Trying to run on your city’s Marathon? What a shame, Father Bunny. Real finishers take planes and fight against jet lag and cheap hotels.

Going on foot from home to the start is very convenience and you know that if you decide to quit a taxi will take you back home.

But if you want to feel the glory of being a real finisher my city’s Marathon is the choice.

Have you imagined going up on Nathan road to Lantau and crossing the Tsing Ma Bridge to end in Causeway Bay.

Are you afraid?

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

In our way to the Marathon.

I am not going to loose my bet with my daughter and on 2009 I will run a Marathon no later than mid March.

On my agenda: Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon or/and Mizuno Barcelona Marathon.

Today I run another race – Barceloneta- to end a very hard week..

PS: This time Mem accompanied me.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Foolish dreams? Let’s talk about financial crisis.

I studied economics –nobody is perfect and everyday I regret that decision- but I decided to steal money from consumers and the general public in a more creative way using other methods.

Moving money from one place to another and “letting the ball roll backwards” is a good way to become rich. Of course you need some big bucks to start playing.

But the “all you can drink” is over even for the big banks. Amazingly they are still putting big money in expensive ads in magazines in which they tell you how well they will care about your money investing in trash!

Bravo! Fortis (Miffa loved this bank)

Where yesterday

Bankruptcy today and tomorrow.

Getting you there (even if you don’t want)

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Today a Triathlon for breakfast.

[ENG] FB and Draculina went to Mar Bella Beach were people were swimming, cycling and running. Father bunny is still training for the Marathon and he has no plans to compete in a Tri event.

We were there just to take pictures and we took there our "beast" with quite good results.

Miffu and The Beast / also known as "El Pepino"

[ESP] Papa Conejo y Draculina fueron esta mañana a la Playa de la Mar Bella donde se celebraba un evento deportivo en el que se nada, se va en bicicleta y se corre. El viejo sigue entrenándose para su maratón y de momento no quiere – o puede- con esto.

Sólo fuimos a sacar fotos y nos levamos a "La bestia" y los resultados fueron bastante buenos.

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bunny style with no (little) compromises

Unfortunately FB’s formal business meeting this second quarter has been zero. But his brother will get married in a couple of weeks and he has been testing different suits for the wedding.

And finally he has put on the great tie our friends from Cafemiffy send us as a gift. It’s a great tie that surely no one owns here in Europe.

Thanks again!

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Six Bunnies, me and lawyers

I am telling you, I am happier than ever, Father Bunny and – sometimes- Mother Bunny give me a lot of love, hugs and kisses, my twin sisters is with me after almost fours year living without knowing about each other…

But still, when I found something that surprise me or disturb me, I must investigate it.

In Zurich FB took a picture (the one above us), it was raining and there was no light, but after some zooming we managed to find the source: Sixbunnies

Next time if I receive a letter from Mercis’ lawyer I know what to do.

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