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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Draculina’s pre marathon party

Tomorrow Father Bunny, Draculina and myself Hill run Barcelona’s marathon. FB has been training since past February and he has completed about 1600 kilometres in this time, not good but not bad either.

It will be my first official run but I have been named FB running club chairman and I will like to help my father in the last kilometres.

Tomorrow it’s the great day, a meeting with glory or a big deception. Success often is written with bloody letters.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Father bunny's new bike.

I am telling you human have severe problems when they become older. Now the poor idiot has bought a bike to train triathlons...

and yesterday he and Draculina were in a pre-marathon big party. Bunny God give me enough forces to cope with .

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rbt – Rabbit- The Restaurant

© 9j Media Partners Ltd.

In my first outing experience in my city, just some hours after my parents did all the red tape that you need to adopt a bunny child in HK, I saw a nice sign…

Unfortunately, I was so young that I had no writing skills and my Father is such an idiot that he forgot to write down the name.

But after extensive and intensive research we founded their website * and we manage to be there several years after our first attempt.

May be I am going to disappoint my friend 9J, but they have a great corporate image for bunny lovers but quite a disappointing offer for humans. Besides their name stand for REAL BREWED TEA, and they're from Taiwan.
* This was not an easy job, and we need to use the "search for rbt into .hk domains option"

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Finally we went to Madrid using AVE (High speed train)

Several months after the official first travel and several years after the planned one, finally me and Miffo were able to travel in what we call the “Spanish Shinkansen

Mother bunny travels often using the AVE, but she is so busy that forgets about her little children as often.

Finally Father Bunny was travelling to Madrid and we convinced him to take the AVE and to pay slightly more (well almost three times the price of a plane ticket) to buy Business tickets for us. Actually we discover that there’s still a higher class called “CLUB

In another post, my impressions about the travel


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Monday, February 09, 2009

In the Chinese city. Perspectives on the transmutations of an Empire

Sometimes I have received some criticism about the kind of education I am providing to my daughter Miffa.

Too many travels, too many parties, a little bit too much of excesses for a – no so little- bunny girl.

This past Sunday I decided to imitate my good friend Anita and after running 21 kilometres and 975 meters (Barcelona half marathon) we went to the CCCB. The exhibition was about the changes that have occurred through the time in China’s big cities.

Well, It was quite interesting but Miffa was sleeping most of the time arguing about the boring movies that new Chinese directors made to tribute five important cities.

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

We must stop this, now!

Today I asked my father for some money, just 50 euros to buy some ice cream and Belgian chocolotes to enjoy a nice afternoon with my friends.

He said he had no money for that luxuries and told me about the need to save money and to use it wisely in this times of economic crisis.

I have opened his wardrobe and this is what I have founded!! Any lawyer out there??

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Friday, February 06, 2009

My father abuses me, and forces me to work.

This is me on a plane, while taking notes for the new Ref/SN article

Yes, I would like that all the people around knows this fact. Since we joined the Ref s/n project my father is putting a lot of pressure on me to produce new articles.

He tried to write by herself, but he failed to imitate my acid, corrosive way to express how the human world is insane.

Our latest fight was writing about Patek Philippe’s watches. How the hell can I write about that without buying one????

Thank god he is poor and his credit card has a lame limit that only was enough for a one hour rent. I will talk with the Ref/SN blog's editor...

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