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Friday, March 25, 2011

The man who wanted to judge the world - Prieto, el malo -

Grab one man who works in an obscure lab like creeping Mr. Prieto, and yeah, he is the one who looks lovely but turns evil. ( he has queuing for buying an ipad two).

Ok, just an information bit. When he opens the door Mr. Prieto looks at your face, nor at your ti**, The perfect gentleman?

No way, he has kidnapped Gloria Castillo and me, and he wants some millions to let us go.

Prieto MALO!!!!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our honour to Japan and the earthquake's victims

We love Japan, we love it's people and we have very good friends there... we have been and still we re very concerned and sad about what happened a few days ago.

As many people, we have been following and still we're doing it, the news.

We would like to share our condolences with the Japanese people and we would like to spread the message to all our friends and relatives.

Check this link to find how you can help Japan and it's people.

PS: Thanks to our friends Mike Udaondo for the picture, we got the logo from here, we have just copy and paste but if you have any copyright issues, please drop us a comment to delete the picture.


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Sunday, March 06, 2011

We missed the Marathon, well, not really.

Past February 27th Tokyo marathon was held in out favorite city. I ran several kilometers with my father in a rainy, snowy and cold day where my father missed to accomplish his dream completely.

Since that time he has been not running, except for the last month. He got injured two week prior to Tokyo that time and the decision of running 42 something wasn’t the cleverest for him.

Anyways he started to train again, a month or so ago with more injures, what can you expect from an old man?

But, we manage to run with him, Draculina and me for the last FIFTEEN kilometers of a very nice run. May be he is not happy enough but we are delighted with so many kilometers with such a low effort (we were on his back).

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