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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Edinburgh Dark Tales

We decided to visit Edinburgh night time, and we enrolled a night tour - all of them promise creeping adventures and great places to discover. 

Unfortunately - once more - the difference between what you pay and what you get is much broader than desirable.

Anyways, I managed to take some "interesting" pictures. And, yes, I recommend you to discover Dark Edinburgh by night.

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Edinburgh Castle

Weather wasn't good with temperature around 3 Celsius and intermiten snows in Edinburg. We decided to visit the City Centre, while looking for a Parking space we ended in Grassmarket area so we decided to start with Edinburgh's Castle.

It was snowing outside but we queued for about one hour and paid around 16 pounds each to visit The Castle. 

Yes, you're right we are kind of lame!

Inside, well a lot of information about the brave Scottish soldiers and their heroism, but unless you are into soldiers and this sort of stuff like visiting prisons and militia relics is not a good investment IMMO.

I will say the better part of the "museum" is where the "Scottish Honours" are displayed (a stone, a sword and some apparel used in kingdom ceremonies). But still if you are not really interested in Scottish people or Kings there are many other places to waste your money.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Welcome to Scotland

After an infamous experience with Ryanair - there were no other option available - I manage to arrive to Edinburgh on schedule to have dinner but I learnt that this airline IS NOT CHEAP (200 Euros Barcelona to Edinburgh, no luggage, no additional service) and that SOMEONE need to stop their - sometimes - illegal activities.

But forget about the drama (I will pass through it when returning). This March it's snowing in one of the coldest winters they have had in 50 years, so it's perfect weather for my first visit to this country. (I am not joking, I love snow)

As you know lately Tometaro is traveling with me in almost all my recent trips and may be because my father is becoming and old lazy bastard my plans is to enjoy my Spa Hotel in the bushes, some light activities in town center and - may be- some shopping.

By the way, Tometaro made a good friend just arrived to the hotel.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Miffy themed hotel in Osaka (Japan)

Old Grandma is very popular in Japan. There you can find a lot of merchandise in toy stores and Lawson (convenience store chain similar to 7eleven) offers promotions and point redemption programs where the prizes are often Miffy's tableware.

As you know if you read last blog entry, my friend 9j sent us wonderful gifts and one of them it was a book called "Always Miffy". 

Inside the book there is a lot of information about Miffy's books, exhibitions and some places you should visit if you are a great fan.

One of the most, let's say impressive, it's Hilton Hotel Osaka. Located close to the JR (Japan Rail) station it's a modern, big, convenient hotel with special rooms for Miffy's fans. rooms are decorated with Miffy's drawings, and you get Miffed candy and special breakfast with the package.

This is me looking Osaka's skyline

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Great gifts from 9J!

Hi, this is Aurore Marie - Miffa's twin sister - this is the first time I write on this blog (her blog) and this is for showing you the great gifts 9j and Anita has sent to us.

In one of the pictures I am inside a nice Miffy bag that can by customized by yourself with color markers. 

In the past all the gifts were monopolized by my sister, but now this time is yet about to finish!

A bunny revolution in on their way.

 Some of the gifts are shown here.

Sorry for the pixels but my sister's
 power is as great as her evilness.

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