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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Miffa in Australia: Part V Last days

Last day in Australia… we’ve been denied on board our flight from Cairns to Sydney, some problem with our booking agent (who we paid in January) has occurred and we were forced to buy another ticket.

Everything was booked and we thought even in a suicide 24 hours journey driving from there to Sydney in order not to miss our SYD-BCN flight.

Finally 540 AUD each patron and a lot of luck were enough and so now I’m back in Sydney at 10:30 pm (BCN equivalent is 3:00 am).

We have decided that last day in Sydney deserves something special and we went to the best club in town.

Father and Mother Bunny attired in cargo pants and trekking shoes, me with my outfit and we just entered without any question, this is the Miffa’s bunny power thought Father bunny that thought the club gorillas would kick our ass out of the premises.

“A nice place and much more cheap than any fucked place in BCN” said FB that is really thinking about living is Australia. (May be collecting sea cucumbers)


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