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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

An Australian Interceptor Car

Yeah, I am in New Zealand but most of the cars here come from Asia or Australia. In my previous travel I discovered that Australian cars have more in common with American ones than to European models. Our Holden Commodore looked like an Opel Omega but the powerplant and the transmission were the type you can expect in USA.

Holden – A GM owned company – developed the new Commodore from scratch with a new platform, new engines and new interiors. That was the car FB was expecting, and that the car he booked with AVIS.

This is not a Commodore, it's a Falcon XR6 that flied over NZ's windy roads

The guys from AVIS try harder but unfortunately this is not enough. We got a Ford Falcon Mark II SR6 because they can only guarantee the car class and not the model.

So we got a 2007 bright red Falcon with rear and front spoilers, side skirts, sport tuned suspension and just 4.0 litre, 195 kw, 6 speed sequential transmission. Almost 5 meters of car fitted with 235/45 ZR 17 tyres.

Just the family car we were expected.

The childs, Miffo was unsure about her seating options,
but finally she decided to buckled up on the left side

Yumm, this car is fast and superbly tuned up for the NZ roads.
Even in non sealed roads.

The interior is crappy, we must admit that, the materials are the cheapest one
and the finish is something you won't find in the cheapest Dacia car.
Note the Tom Tom is our own unit bought in Spain.

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