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Friday, August 01, 2008

A clue about our destiny, happy summer holidays for everyone.

Miffo and Lupita getting some C Vitamine

In a few hours we will flying from Barcelona to the Netherlands, from there to China where we will stay for a few days – you can’t imagine how difficult is travelling to China during this weeks- and then our final destination.

A wise or unwise way to travel, if you consider time or if you consider money, but still a way to travel long distances.

FB and me have the aim to conquer Mt. Cook, but may be the weather won’t be the right one or may be I will decide to change our plans. Anyways another territory explored by your orange cap preferred bunny.

PS: I am carrying my computer with me for the very first time, in this worldwide crisis scenario I would like to know –at least- if they are counting with me when returning home or if they will just fire me.

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