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Sunday, August 03, 2008

From Shanghai to Auckland: what you pay for your previous good star.

You know that we – the members of The Supreme Council – think that in every aspect that is inside the universe exists a delicate balance, and to maintain it the sum will end in zero.

When we arrived to Pudong International Airport the sun was “shinning” but just an hour before our flight departure a sudden thunderstorm has poured litres and litres of water. We got onto the plane but, the airport closed and we have spent 2 hours prior to take off.

Well, our first experience with Air New Zealand has not been the best one. We were just behind the curtain that separates the stupid Pacific Economy from Plain Vanilla Economy and the stewardess pretended Father Bunny to put me inside the luggage compartment saying that it was an emergency exit.

Of course he has said that there were no exit sign on the left or right side and a baby in a cot was travelling in our right. He has sat me and Miffo in her knees and one lady has asked him if we were their teddy bears. He has said “yes of course” and from this very first moment to now (6 hours flying) the situation is as tense as in the beginning with him bullshiting upon the airline and those around him.

No so much space and besides the stewardess is chasing us like criminals

In one thing he is completely right; the food is the crappiest one we have ever had on a plane.

Not everything is negative and the new – they said this in their magazine- OES (on board entertainment system) is quite impressive with a lot of movies, TV programs, music, etc.

From Globe Trekker, with our beloved Megan McCormick [videos] – the girls who eats fried scorpions or is sexually harassed by Turkish men while smiling- to a guy called Louis Theroux, that looks like a Champagne name but is, indeed, a great BBC reporter. [the video we watched]. In the middle more travel and adventure but now I just wanted to be the columnist myself.

I must admit that I create more expectation than Megan when in a Hutong when filming our Travel & Adventure episodes, but still the BBC is not paying us what they worth.

Finally Auckland, a middle size airport that shines on rainy days

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  • "The girls who eats fried scorpions or is sexually harassed by Turkish men while smiling"??? That sounds just awful! Anita Maria had eaten fried scorpions in her days, but luckily never been sexually harassed.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/10/2008 03:56:00 pm  

  • We didn't know that you must be a certain age for eating the scorpions.


    By Blogger Miffa, at 8/10/2008 10:17:00 pm  

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