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Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to travel wisely and for less money: a complete bunny guide

May be it wasn’t a wise decision, with a very expensive 30 days only, two entries limited to three days visa and a lot of security checks and lame questions in the airport – they asked Father Bunny what was his name –

Close to Shanghai it’s Suzhou – just 30 minutes in a fast train that makes the AVE (Spanish high speed train) look quite ridiculous (we have been waiting for more than 15 years for it). They call it the Chinese Venice and the Chinese Kyoto. Well I think that many writers must re consider seriously their jobs.

After a “great” journey in Suzhou Father Bunny took us to a big mall where – like many times- we were forced to buy more luggage because we have not enough space for all our stuff.

He was really pissed off and not in the mood to bargain and to cope with all the people who were following us offering all kind of goods – from DVD to computers and luxury watches- . We wanted just a decent nylon bag, but we ended with this super hot Gucci bag that you can see in the pictures.

Christchurch to Melbourne: 4 hours flight + check in + formalities
Melbourne to Pudong Shanghai: 12 hours flight + formalities + waiting
One day and a half in Shanghai + hotel room + taxis + food + some boughts
Pudong Shanghai to Amsterdam + formalities+ check in + arguments + bad mood
Amsterdam to Barcelona + formalities + changing terminal + more formalities + delays
Barcelona to home + waiting for luggage + taxi + food in the supermarket 10 minute before they closed it.

Ahhh!!! Traveling is beautiful.

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