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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Miffa is going to Switzerland for business

Miffo and Dan with the foundee Miffa made for us today

Many of you surely don’t know that Miffa’s family is one of the richest of Hong Kong. Unfortunately she ended in an Orphanage, and she was there for some time until we decided to become their parents.

Before you make up your mind about that, think that Miffa’s grandpa put some real money in a Swiss account – about one million USD, right Miffa??-

And today she told me that she must go there – to Zurich- to invite some friends for dinner and to retrieve some funds.

Damn, Miffa I told you not to invest in those funds, now you are going to cash some of your family heritage.

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  • I'm glad I have a rich friend like Miffa. It must be exciting to have money in a Swiss account!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/31/2008 06:27:00 am  

  • Well, do not think that she is splendid.

    She is always asking her sisters and friends to pay for the biscuits they have in her tea parties.

    but I am with you that having 1 million USD in - ANY- account it will be exciting. I would prefer Bahamas, because of better rum than the swiss ones.

    By Blogger Father Bunny, at 8/31/2008 10:18:00 am  

  • WOW - is this the cheese fondue, right?
    Kiiroko and Chairoko pestered me to make fondue!

    By Blogger CafeMiffy, at 8/31/2008 02:00:00 pm  

  • That's not very generous of Miffa asking others to pay for their biscuits at her tea parties.
    I wish I could eat cheese fondue, but I can't. I can't eat too much dairy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/31/2008 03:46:00 pm  

  • Hala, hala, q estáis q lo tiráis.

    Entonces, el balance de NZ es negativo? Una pena pq los paisajes son fantásticos.


    P.D.1: Me ha encantado Nickie.

    P.D.2: El coche no tanto, jur jur.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/01/2008 05:20:00 pm  

  • Well, you know Anita that Miffa is a rotten spoiled child.

    Anyways she has a great heart and she always does the best to have the greatest partys.

    Mrs Katanga, what a pleasure to have you back here!!

    El balance es ir muy lejos para ver algo que quizás tengas más cerca o que has visto ya, no se lo reflexionarémos, haramos terapia.

    El coche es de macarra Nuevozelandes, pero era impresionante conducir ese bólido.

    Si quiere Nickie puede ir a hacer un stage a su casa ¿que tal esta el césped de su casa o barrio?

    By Blogger Father Bunny, at 9/02/2008 04:12:00 pm  

  • Dear Cafemiffy friends,

    Yes, it was a cheese foundee. It was really good, besides we put sake instead of kirsch to change the flavour.

    The taste was quite interesting.

    By Blogger Father Bunny, at 9/02/2008 04:14:00 pm  

  • El placer es mío :)

    Césped? Pues mira: el de la comunidad, quemado de tanto abuso piscinero y el de la calle lleno de "minas". Pero si le gusta pasear, sólo cruzando tiene una montaña entera para ella sola.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/02/2008 04:36:00 pm  

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