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Monday, August 04, 2008

Miffa landed in Auckland

Alter a 12-hour flight, Miffa landed at Auckland´s airport, a quite tiny airport with an old fashioned look. Miffa was quite disappointed about the airport as well as the AVIS´ service, which did not have prepared the requested car. The guy at Avis has a pin, which says “We try harder “. Miffa thinks that they should try much harder, if they want to get her back as a loyal customer. Definitely, it was very disappointed.

After a short stay at the hotel, just to take a shower and drink a carrot juice, Miffa went downtown. First of all, she strolled around Queen Street , the main street, till the harbour. At the harbour she had a look at nice sailing boats. Auckland is the country with the highest per capita number of boats. Quite interesting!!

After looking at the last Cup America´s boat, she had a second carrot juice at the harbour and she headed to Auckland´s Soho. Super boutiques, nice clothes, cosy modern bars …. a quite cool area.

Father Bunny did not agree with her and he was the whole time saying that the city looks old-fashioned, as a small province town in Spain, and completely dull.

At 17.00 Miffa decided to take Father Bunny back to the hotel for a short deserved snap. We fell slept till next day.

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