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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rotorua, day one.

We just arrived here, to one of the oldest and most touristic places of New Zealand. We booked a room in Princess Gate – the oldest hotel in town- where they were so nice as to upgrade up twice from a regular room to a bungalow with kitchen and living room.

Unfortunately the carpet and the hot atmosphere in the interior caused some problems to my old father – he suffers from asthma – and our first night it was a little nightmare with him complaining about the room and his poor running – he went for a run with this cold weather-

We managed to half watch the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics – it was on air here at 00:30 – quite nice but too much for us that get up at 5:00 everyday, suffering from the worst jet lag we have experienced ever.

We ended our Olympic day after watching the Spanish team – awful uniforms- entering the stadium. The NZ one sport Channel was looking for Mr Nadal and so did the Chinese TV, and finally they found him.

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