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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rotoura day 2

We decided to have breakfast in our room, provided that we have a full kitchen for us.
A nice, but limited, full continental breakfast with ingredients Father Bunny bought the day before in Park’n’save.

First stop, Waitopa, according to our travel guides and the advice from local the best places to get an idea of this zone geothermal power – Rotorua is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire-

You pay an entrance fee of about 25 NZ$ (13 EUR) and you access to a three loops circuit with an extra 20 metres high geyser eruption at 10:15 am.

I will say you just enjoy the pictures and decide by yourself.

The Geyser that -with some help- wakes up at 10:15 everyday

Champagne pool - nice colours

Hot mud pool - great for your skin -

Next stop – Buried city- I know that I should write about this place’s story, but again will let you to decide – link-. After some 25 NZ$ each we entered in something that I have no words to describe and I am still hearing father bunny yelling nasty words.

A year ago we were in Hokkaido – Japan- and we visited an earthquake destroyed city – no entry fee- where you could really feel and fear the danger and anger of Mother Earth.

No more words.

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