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Monday, August 11, 2008

Russel, Bay of Islands.

We headed North to an area called Bay of Islands where we booked an old cottage style hotel called The Duke of Marlborough. There we had the only dinner that really paid for it, let’s say that NZ’s cuisine is far from our first thoughts and very similar to UK. They use to ruin everything adding all kind of sauces and spices – like in Britain- but despite them here you can find really good meat, fish and vegetables.

The lamb shank we had was superb! But after that day we have been cooking our dinners almost every day

Parking and saving money for dinner

Miffo is just in from the Hotel, in Russels' Bay

Look the slippers Mother Bunny bought me. Pure merino wool.

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  • Miffa, you should thank your thoughtful mother for those nice warm booties.
    Russel's Bay looks like a nice place! The view is gorgeous.
    I'm still trying to figure out the clue... it makes my little bunny brain hurts!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/11/2008 04:09:00 pm  

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