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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Shanghai: a nice stop to visit the Oriental Pearl

We did not take pictures, so the picture here is one we took in 2006

In Shanghai we were in an excellent hotel, the best I’ve been in Mainland China – only 70 euros with the most extensive breakfast buffet I’ve ever seen include in the price– in all our travels.

May be all the tourists are in Beijing and the overcapacity of Shanghai is now ten times more than usual. I don’t know but Shanghai is becoming a city monster that makes it a real nasty place to live in – I did not like it in my first visit but now it’s getting worse.

From our hotel (city center) to Pudong International airport it took more than an hour in a Taxi (you can take a Taxi, go to the Magnetic Train’s station that moves at 430 km/h and arrive to the airport in less time but you have to unload your stuff and go through different security checks that ruin your patience).

We are so self confident in our travellers’ fifth sense that we arrived to Terminal 1 and our plane was departing from 2.

Tighter security measures than ever but still more reasonable treatment that in Paris or Barcelona where everyone is carrying a bomb in their shoes.

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