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Saturday, August 16, 2008

While at Nelson (NZ)

Father Bunny has gone to the Countdown supermarket to buy some food for today’s dinner – I did not remember of any of my travel with FB cooking everyday, but this is New Zealand and surely you will do the same-

Yes 9j! You will get shocked about the flavour combination this people like. At least in Auckland and big cities there are quite decent Japanese restaurants. Ah! Nijntje, How we are missing the good stuff we had everyday in Hokkaido and in Tokyo.

So while waiting for him I left you with some scenes from the past days.

A friend of Father Bunny established here secretly a few year ago and now he is an Egg's Tycoon.

Have you seen this carrot? awesome, and it tasted even better, sweet and soft.

Boys need to step in every single water and mud spot they found, so my father does all the time

Lupita at Karangahake gorge discovered a landscape that is very familiar to her

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