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Friday, March 12, 2010

Himeji's Castle and sake trading

May be it was a nice play of destiny, but in our plane from Amsterdam to Tokyo there were screening a Japanese movie about a master carpenter and his tough work to build the best Japanese castle ever built. I forgot the movie’s name but I will update it as soon as possible.

After 2 hours watching that excellent movie one can learn one thing or two about Japanese castle so we decided –after Fb’s marathon- to visit Himeji. There you can find Himeji’s castle that is the most visited one in Japan (we have visited Osaka’s in a previous visit to Japan).

It has most of the common characteristics associated to Japanese castles and new ones like the spiral – maze approaching paths to improve defensive task. It was never attacked so the maze spiral was never actually validated.

A very nice visit, but not after running a marathon (Father Bunny was not in the right mood and shape to climb all the steady ladders that took you from ground to a seventh floor (actually 5th)
While they went to visit the castle I made some trade with some local sake producers.

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