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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My career as a photo journalist was too short,
it involved traveling in trains with other people with no Evian water available

A world class DJ wasn't for me. I am to lazy to stay awake
until late just to move people who should be working.
Besides I love pears and not apples.

Father bunny is sick – well, he has a difficult age – Mother Bunny is abroad, so I decided to do something I do really well: Excels.

Yesterday I decided to join that elite who visit SONAR and really don’t care about the music but about party.

Lately my career as a global artist has became too much unfocused, anyways in a world with so many suckers even lame people get their piece of cake.

So… effortless is the key to success, if you manage to deal with all that.

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