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Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Singapore

Our friends has asked me for more pictures of Singapore and thus I have selected a bunch of them that help to illustrate a little what can you expect from this city.

A tennis court in a Hotel hanging at 10th level is not something unusual, like a Chinook helicopter carrying a giant flag in augoust (when they celebrate their national day). Las time we watched the F15 fighters show and it was really impressive how they broke the sound barrier in between the center's skyscrapers.

Apart from that do not miss the margins of Singapore river where all the fancy restaurants and bars are. Beware of tourist traps and scams.

And if you want some "Ibiza" like party go to Zouks and enjoy some music, after sharing some Jagesmaister and Martell cognag with some youngter on the street...

Yes. On the street, forget all that stupid things they told about chewing gum, throwing papers, and blah, blah. In singapore people fart, spit, throw litter, urinate and drink hard on the street (in front of the police).

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