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Monday, October 24, 2011

What we have been doing lately

Ok, I got that Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse shares and now they’re so exposed to European debt crisis that I have lost almost a third of the money I invested.

Sure, my Golf villas at Costa Brava are not selling well, but nearly all the money I use was not mine, so this issue compensates the first statement.

For all the lazy and lame bunnies who read my father’s laziness as “bankruptcy” , or for those who said “you’re six years old and you’re done”, and for all my fans who truly love me…

Another what we have been done with our time lately.

 Driving a Diablo, who actually wanted to kill me
 In a shopping mall inside Sands Marina Singapore
 Having some posh tea in Singapore
 Introducing my sisters to old 3d movies
 Cooking with Paul Bocusse's golden medal chefs in Belgium
 Cooking with Paul Bocusse's golden medal chefs in Belgium (II)
 Some Costa Brava beach enjoyment
Picturing my friend Ampaman in an exclusive resort in Gavarres 

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