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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Quest for the perfect UK place - Oxford

We continue our search for the best place to live close to London but out of it.
A nice place we have been told is Oxford, a lively cosmopolitan city that is chosen by many expats.

Well, getting there is easy and fast with those double carriage (I would say two lanes) roundabouts every few miles. 

We have driven in almost all the countries who drive the wrong way of the road but here you have to pay EXTRA attention to look to the right when entering.

After these lines you will find some pictures of Oxford. We just don’t like it, for many reasons but one of them is they don’t like visitors, or at least they to bring a car.

In a Public parking – covered- we struggled to enter , because it was designed for Fiat 500 alike cars. Inside, not enough room to put the car into the marks. No problems let’s find another one. This time it was open air but really great parking lots.

Let’s pay, 3.90 pounds an hour (is this New York?). Ok, let’s use the credit card, blast they don’t take, a 20 pounds note, they don’t take notes…

You can only use coins, no change is given and you have to enter your number plate!!!

And besides all this mess in the country I am living they consider than a Eco Tax of 1 euro a day in unfair for tourist!

May be they’re right it’s unfair that in Barcelona, for example, you can pay with credit card in the streets and Parkings

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