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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Quest for the perfect Village

"I can't live in London, father bunny, for obvious reasons: first of all is big, dirty, expensive, plenty of people that don't like me and that i dont't like...Besides I have always dream of living in the countryside"

Taking this into consideration we need a place close enough from London and not only that with easy access from/to the city.

North from London following the M1, about 45 minutes from London you can find two places that are well known for being London's dormitory towns: Hemel Hempstead and St Albans.

We first visited Hemel Hempstead and is such and ugly city that we didn't take any picture of it. It's big, unattractive, old looking. We'd rather life in "Los Monegros" than there.

So just a few Miles heading East from that ugliness you can find St Albans. There were Romans there (they called the city Verolamium) and you can visit some ruins (something that we did not do because of our tight agenda).

It's nice, it has the proper size, a nice center, a cathedral, a tower clock, it has nice houses in the outskirts...

So we visited our friends John Taylor to figure up how much a house costs. 

1.4 Million GBP !!!! (ok, it has 6 bedrooms and a nice garden...)

Ok John I will think about it, but so many Aston Martins and an Audi RS8 parked in the supermarket were some clues that pointed about that.

Next check will be Oxford in the Midlands.

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