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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tometaro Jr. and Father Bunny climbed "Turo de L'Home"

With only one day left in Barcelona and fearing a whole month without extreme adventures both Tometaro and my father decided, just like if you think it's chocolate ice cream time to ride up to Turo de L'Home mountain.

Located in Montseny Massif is one of the highest mountains at 1712 meters. Well known by cyclist and sport freaks from Catalonia its classical climb starts at Sant Celoni and last for approximately 26 kilometers.

It's one of the hardest mountain passes in Catalonia and also in Spain with a difficulty grade of 299 (www.altimetrias.net)

They spent 1:54 minutes in a non stop climb from Sant Celoni to the summit where they took some pictures. 

The last 6 kilometers are very hard, not only because of the gradient but the road condition. The surface is uneven, plenty of holes and cracks with loose stones than makes the bike to lose traction and fear of a flat tyre is a constant feeling in your head.

Father bunny was forced to use the 50 x 25 combination a couple of times and for real the are a pair of slopes that due to gradient and road conditions are not easy with 52/53 x 25.

Almost 75 % of the climb HR was over 80% of MAX Hr. So they took the ride seriously. 

And to confirm they're are great morons, temperature was around 33 Celsius, no other cyclist were on the road (nor climbing or descending it) and only three cars and two cows were around. 

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