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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Motorola V3. F*ck U moto!!

Father bunny bought a Motorola because his old nokia broke down. He was not sure about buying a Moto since he said software and batteries are crap and service is even worse.

Anyways he bought it and after only 30 days the keyboard was rusted. Father bunny was very upset and took it to service. One month passed by and when father bunny went to MotoService they told him:

- "This is not covered by warranty, you have done some kind of misuse".

Oh, father bunnie was pissed of...! He even ask my if, for any reason, took his phone to play in the bath or in the swimming pool.

- "Of course not, these are not the kind of things a little bunny should do"

Few days after that he bought a new Nokia. ;-) bunnies' revenge


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