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Saturday, November 17, 2007

More members of The Supreme Council of The Bunny Attitude

Everyday more humans realizes about the new emerging power that is arising. In the past only a few ones – those with supreme bunny sensibility- knew that climatic changes and other factor will end in a world bunny dominated.

Some trendsetters who surf on the top of the avant-garde wave soon discovered some signals coming from different parts. They soon realize that under the new SONY campaign – apart from some inspiration from older works- an influent and powerful Bunny Commando located in Tokyo was responsible.

Recently our future unique minister for human affairs (UMFHA) – Mrs Katanga- discovered some moves from the USA Commando.

And last week a postcard inside a strange envelope was received by Father Bunny. Inside an invitation from our Central Europe Operational Unit. The nature of this unit is of a very complex nature; a cat whose name is Hoops and which IQ is much higher than its specie abandoned its inherent habits of hunting and become a vegetarian.

Extraordinary superpowers thanks to severe bunny commando training

Together with Yoyo a green rabbit – as a consequence of being used in secret military experiments, he has now that lime green colour and special superpowers- they have spread their message in UK, Norway and other countries.

Yoyo with the Grey Bunny

Now I have been invited to become the President of The Supreme Council of The Bunny Attitude.

Bunny activist from the entire planet will meet soon in a secret spot. We have decided which our Hymn is… The Brain Domination

Change Brain for Bunny and Star –in the lyrics- for End.

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