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Monday, November 15, 2010

Coming next: The Pelo Pelo Rise

Next destination it was BALI. We will go though it at a very slow pace, so slow as his traffic. Too many tourist, to many surfers, too many beaches, parties, western tourists...

Bali is a nice place that needs to protect itself from so many invaders.

A secret plan was discovered by The Council of The Bunny Attitude and Miffa was there to investigate how Pelo Pelos plan to destroy Bali and rule the Island.
*we did not harm any animal except ourselves while taking this picture. The monkey wages and a full box of cheap vodka made from brake fluid and banana peels was donated to MSF. A non profit organization. We returned the defective "Louis Vuittong" bag that was planned to be used by the monkey, at the sole monkey criteria. Miffa refused to hire Mr. Monkey's personal nail consultant and the producer suffered a severe shock when he knew one more week will be needed to take the picture. After all the mess the picture is quite nice, isn't it?

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