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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Miffa visits Madrid with mother and father bunny

This was not my first time in Madrid, look at :http://miffaisno1.blogspot.com/2005_02_01_miffaisno1_archive.html
But was really the first time that I had the time to really visit the city and stay in a nice Hotel. My previous visit was with father bunny and his colleagues and the conversation was not funny at all. Advertising, campaigns, direct marketing, blah blah.

We scheduled flight from bcn to mad on Friday at 18:30 with spanair. A company that father bunny uses for business travel but that he hates the most (he was supposed to arrive to his own book presentation with other co-authors and missed because plane was late…) Anyways we arrived two hours late because of whatever and most important…

Plane was full and I travelled all the time over my father knees. We booked a nice restaurant and they had just a few minutes to get there after checking in at the hotel.

Hotel was not so nice as we thought, but… anyways I took a lot of pictures and I will explain to you all my adventures there.

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