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Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas is already here, or may be it was already a month ago.

For a little Honk Kongese bunny like me that is not used to Christmas (most of us do not even know about it) is quite exciting to observe some things happening around

  • Streets have much more light since the beginning of November, that’s wonderful but Father Bunny told me Christmas in on late December… ¿?
  • I saw on TV that in a land called El Corte Ingles is already Christmas, ¿how could this be possible?
  • I am a big fan of a program called “Los Lunnies” some very nice people coming from “Luna Lunera”, normally I watch it every day but last month there are a lot of ads about very expensive toys (all of them are above 30 $)
  • In stores you can see plenty old fat men dressed in red (quite old fashion) who say “OOOHHHHOOOHHHO” first time I got so scared that got into Father Bunny jacket.
  • Sometimes, very big animals leashed to a big sleigh are also there. They are called reindeers and are from the very north, quite friendly but a little bit scary first time. While waiting in the airport I met one of them. He was very bored and complained that apart from missing home it was quite hot for him. (you can see a picture of us)
  • People buy a lot of things during Christmas, food, drinks, paper with a number called lottery… Yes, they pay 30 € at least for it.
  • ...

Anyways, I will need more time to get used to it. Thank god we’re going to be outside during Christmas time… But just in case I am going to tell mother bunny if she could order that nice purse to one of those big fatty red men.

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