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Friday, January 27, 2006

HV Magazine - A Chan Media Group & Cutnejo Project

Dear all,

For a little bunny and a paper made rabbit (Cutnejo) it is a real pleasure to announce that, during our last experience shooting the soon to be pre-released “Curse of the Golden Tuzi” movie we decided to enter into a new art project:

HV (High Voltage) Magazine.

What made up our minds it was some talks with Father Bunny and some visits to his secret spot. There he has plenty of brochures, magazines, proposals, marketing manuals and all kind of shit that he made or he collected as best of the best from other some eight to ten years ago.

Father bunny worked for a marketing and advertisement guru sometime ago and, so he collected even more shit – but first rate-

After bunnyreviewing all the material we notice that even if you have no idea about the subject you can create high expectative around it using some tools from the box.

So, if others can, super-bunnies will achieve excellence where others just try.

Soon at: hvmagazine.miffa.net

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

From The Peninsula Hotel

(From Hong Kong). Latest information gathered those last days brought me to Hong Kong, where it seems Cutnejo’s captors have their headquarters…

- Curse of the Evil Golden Tuzi -

Past January 2nd, it was my birthday, I am now one year old and what could be better than being in the same place again – The Peninsula Hotel – .

I am having a lot of fun with mother bunny, father bunny and Cutnejo. We’re visiting China and having a lot of fun with this story about Cutnejo being kidnapped and me trying to rescue him from his captors.

Being a star is sometimes tough, especially for a little bunny…


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Monday, January 02, 2006

Curse of The Golden Tuzi (updated fron Tun Xi)

(Tun Xi, China) I have been travelling for 6 exhausting days through China facing all kind of dangers, jet lag, street hawkers, sorting out rip offs, climbing difficult sacred mountains, travelling by train, public bus ... and last but not least, sleeping in dumped hotels without any kind of heating . I am exhausted.

I have received several pictures of Cutnejo sent by his kidnappers . I have followed all the hints , which took me to Shexian . But, once I managed to arrive there, they had taken Cutnejo to Mount shang Shan . Can you imagine how I feel after climbing the mountain on my own ? I am a little bunny and I had to climb more than 3000 steps to get on the top and locals eating rabbit. Uff , what kind of clientele climbs this mountain ?

Cutnejo picture sent by captors

Next hint ... Cutnejo is not any more on the Huang chang shan area . He's now at Nanjing . Oh, my good, I have now bought a ticket at the railway station and I have an -eight - hour trip on a chinese train .

Miffa at Summit looking for her beloved cutnejo

I hope I find Cutnejo ... sniff , sniff ... I am so in love with him ... If I cannot find him, I' ll never go back to Barcelona. I need to find my true love ....


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