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Friday, May 12, 2006

“Le lapin communicant”: Nabaztag and Chan family

Review made by Father Bunny - updated see below

Just after a couple of months since our first review we now own a Nabaztag bunny, a Wi-fi device that supposedly will be the first step in a new wireless world. A lot of people is doing research in wireless networks and similar concepts applied to human relationships.

It seems that the future is going to be ruled by “invisible” networks that will play a very important part in human relationships as never before.

"Humans tend to avoid real relationships as the big companies did some years before. They try to automate them to save time, physical contact or paying attention!!!"

Anyways we are really incurring in the risk that every time we would like to communicate with our friends or other people, we would be really talking to an IVR machine that will ask us “please after the signal tell me why u are calling”

And now: Nabaztag

Mother bunny bought him in Paris at a nice price tag of 112 €. No stocks in Fnac, no memory about him at Virgin…

After opening it, it looks nice but is just plastic and really not premium quality.

Ok Miffa, This is the typical device made in China, but let’s explore more about it.

  • Configuration (the easy way) requires a wireless router connected to the internet with DHCP and no WEP encryption
  • I assume wireless and DHCP are de facto standard but…. No encryption????
  • Who the hell is not using encryption
  • Enclosed configuration details are just unacceptable …
  • DO NOT ENTER YOUR SN WRONG or your bunny will refuse to connect forever
  • Their site was loading very slowly… several free – non useful- services were collapsed
  • Free services are worth nothing, 120 euro for a totally non useful toy
  • Etc, etc

So the SBS (Smart Bunny Shopper) final recommendation is to buy a nice PDA for 200 € and you will have more services , more fun and a portable device to use everywhere.

May be the future will take several journeys to come, Miffa, and by far you can really do more and be more. A pity that your old grand mother is trying to f*ck you and me, and so many as us.

Father bunny

Send Miffa a message, a sound, move her Nabaztag's ears... [here]

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  • After receiving several emails concerning my review that consider it negative and unfair, I would like to say that we always focus in the weakest points of the product.

    Value for money is a must in our reviews, The Peninsula Hotel luxury room is a magnificent 49 square meter room with a superb breakfast included, best service one can dream and in the best Honk Kong location. What makes it the best hotel of the bunny world is its ratio quality / price.

    Nabaztag is a very nice and well designed device, innovative, modern and above all a very good idea.

    But right now services are not very useful and registering for full services do not offer more value. Besides that I see several privacy issues in a rabbit monitoring my network 24/7, but even more when my network has an ID (my personal data)

    Anyways I LOVE OUR LAPIN

    By Blogger Father Bunny, at 5/16/2006 10:54:00 am  

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