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Sunday, March 26, 2006

A nice hotel review : HPDA

Hpam that stands for Hotel Puerta de America is according to them “ Much more than an hotel […] is an hotel made of the stuff dreams are made of : talent, inventiveness, madness, sanity.. a real dream come true.

And yes, Miffa here it is the review old Father Bunny did after that long weekend in Madrid. I feel sad because you did not wanted to come, but really you did not miss a lot.

I really booked a room in the 8th although I was advised over the phone “we can not assure u floor ability cause from time to time we need to close some of them for repair” - Oh men that really scared me .

I arrived at 18:00 and, apart from the feeling that everything is still under construction, the lobby is quite nice. Ok, I felt a little bit stupid trying to find the main entrance, but as the bellboy told me “It’s normal everyone have the same problem”

So the first problem happened, no room, so after checking out in a nice photo album the menu I decided to get one designed by Zaha Nahid (first floor, that bothered me)

You must use your card to use the lift, security reasons… when the door opens one can admire the vortex (or so) lamp, nice, but be careful because you can severe damage yourself with it. And surely the bill will be huge.

Everything is white (although you can choose black and orange too) this is nice as there’s plenty of light, but as the bell boy pointed, “ beware profile is not perceived well and many people hit their head with the ceiling or the walls” Thanks boy!

Bang and Olufsen Phones, Plasma TV, it’s not The Peninsula but is not bad at 180 euro per night. Ah, I forgot: a nice warning note informing you that if any was removed from the room the will charge you.

Everything is made from a material from LG (yes Life is Good) called LG Hi Macs that simulate stone. Zaha Nahid made quite a good job, but as usual a interior design terrorist like me (viva the function and not the form) has several concerns about this new ultra fashion, famous archifuckers, ultra cool spaces:

  • Just in front one of Madrid’s more congested motorbikes so a lot of noise
  • Nice top terrace but anything you order is more than 6 euro.
  • Spa, gym and pool. Just ridiculous for a 5 star hotel.
  • Top floor again, designers place men and women sign on black over black doors, so no one founded the right place. No problem a nice piece of paper and that it.
  • Breakfast, 25 euro each person, nice restaurant, plenty of design but may be the designer was 150 cm tall, if not u just had a nightmare to place your dish and try not to gain some spots over your tie. Quality of the food? Not much better than any NHHotel
  • “le finition” – yes Miffa I don’t speak French but you don’t too so stop teasing me- You can check out the picture. Abosutel no words..
  • Nice closet, when you opened it you discovered that you don’t have enough room to hang just your weekend clothes, just image having too share it with a shoe freak like Mother Bunny
  • Beauty kit that silken (Hotel owner) places in the bathroom is just ridiculous (2 star rating)
  • Pity of the poor room assistants than clean the room, it’s impossible not to convert the bathroom in a real pool.
  • And many more, but I thinks it’s enough

Yes Miffa, there were some good thing too, but they pretend me to charge me 6 euro an hour to use Wi-Fi.


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