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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Miffa did not enjoy the world cup

After the initial rush, me and Miffu dreamed about Spain winning -nothing- but at least improving the best result they got. That was something we considered as a true posibility.

Father Bunny told me than since 1982 he has been watching them, and for one reason or another one he ended very disappointed…
Since 1994 when Italy defeated Spain In Boston, He has not payed attention to them and refuses to watch any match.
This year he got seriously mad when France defeated Spain and even more when they won Brazil.

Italy won the Cup, but do they really deserve it?

Who cares about it? I hate soccer, but I love how a 34 old man can hit an Italian player who is reaaly nasty.
Amazingly ,he's paid several million euros a year and he is unable to bear something like “ your mother is a bitch that all the...[deleted] know very well...”

Go Nadal, go Pedrosa, go Barbera, go Alonso. GO !!!!!


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