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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Spain Vs Ukraine : Soccer and Bunnies

Today the FIFA soccer world cup starts for Spain. I must admit that I do not like football, Father Bunny and Mother Bunny don’t like it either.

Anyways I liked to investigate about it because, if you are not an antisocial human specimen like FB and all his friends and relatives, you really need to know about.

So, in part because Mr. Big Bunny Corrosco – who claimed he does not specially like soccer and the Spanish national team- posted this in his blog and because I want to learn about, I decided to watch the first Spanish team match:

Spain vs Ukraine

Spanish league is, may be, best of bunny world. Clubs spend fortunes to hire the best players. In the city where I am living now- Barcelona - there’s a soccer team called FC Barcelona that won something called Champions League. They’re the best of the best, but most of them are not from Barcelona, weird isn’t it?

In the past Father Bunny used to support Spain’s soccer team, indeed he was in USA 94 in Boston when the Italians defeated Spain. As Father bunny grew up he realized that almost any European country – even France- has won the World Cup and for any reason Spain and the Spanish fury were like ice on the desert.

No one had been able to explain why they always create big expectative and they fail …

PS: After the first period Spain is winning 2 -0

It looks like that guy that Corrosco mentioned - Rául - will score.... hmmm what the hell is "Horchata en las venas" ...????

Finally Spain defeated Ukraine 4-0 in the best initial match played by Spain ever (according to old FB)

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