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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Protect yourself and your family from freeriders

My Father and friends are planning to participate in an event named “Martini Racing Legends”. Some of the best pilots from old glorious times will be there together with some racing masterpieces from the two and four wheels world.

I will be there if finally my tailor is able to finish my new racing leather cap and my vintage goggles. I will change my thermonuclear outfit and my coat with a leather raincoat and a racing scarf.

Surely they will not let in my father and their friends inside the exclusive paddock. I must admit that I have been talking with the organization about their plan to assault Mr. Stewart, steal his Scotland woollen cap and take a picture of my sister Draculina with it on. Not to tell about their plan to ride a Renault F1.

I told the organizers that my company has licensed in exclusive for Europe this Japanese high security device: Living high voltage towers capable to paralyze any free rider trying to break into your party.

The fights for the rights to party will end TM.
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