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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Damn, Father Bunny blasted me!

Look his metro ticket and his non electronic pace calculator
- a nice move because the heart rate monitor wasn't working today-
may be the secret to achive a good race. Our race # 819.

I have the feeling that he has been training secretly and using illegal tricks to beat our 45:00 barrier. After a hard last race – after a hard night party I organized to neutralize his training- that ended with him and my sister Draculina stopping the chrono at 0:45:05 but suffering as they were in the lungs of hell in the second half, I raised the bar and I asked for an under 44:00 minutes.

He trained with 35 Celsius past Friday and Sunday for 16 and 21 kilometres (he wants to do a half marathon in September).

As ever before the over train factor was important and we thought that he will broke due to an extreme treadmill exercise made in 0:43:48 with the second half running over 14 kph. Lot of ice, lot of complaints but lot of muscle gained in his quadriceps in two weeks. Damaged but not so much.

Last game of the season, The Eurogames – surely too early, too hot, but his last chance to win- a non profit event organized by the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation opened to everyone that promotes integration and non discrimination between gender and sexual orientation. An event with athletes from all over Europe that will raise the level of the previous races.

The race, only one leg, that's nice! close to the beach nicer!

My father has to carry Draculina with him all the time inside his cargo pants pocket or in his hands. With almost 32 celsius a cotton cargo pant over your legs with you underground ticket, sunglasses, some coins, home keys and dextrose pills is an extra weight and an extra power heater that you should better avoid, but my little bunnies, rules are rules!!

7:20 alarm clock, 8.10 underground, 8.40 a lot of people who is going to run an people who is accredited as organization are in the same underground train.

The old man is getting nervous – a French couple asked him, an English guy asked him…where are we going to get our race number? - the beginning of the end ?

May be, normally you can get your number for the race the day after but in Eurogames 10k race you must present yourself one hour before.

From the underground exit he was forced to run about 1.5 km to arrive 10 minutes before.

Draculina on the beach, after winning their bet with me, I invited them to Paella

Hahaha , he has used some energies – I was laughing in my bed.


First kilometre: amazingly the GPS said FB he was doing 4:10 a km, but the 1st kilometre mark was at 1,35 kilometres. This was very annoying because he forced his pace a lot during the first 6 kilometres where – suddenly - the gps and km mark began to match. (Well, I run out of money to pay the signal crew)

After 5,80 km nirvana arrived to Draculina and FB, they began to pass people on a very steady pace- but some tiny hills were on the last 2 kilometre- unfortunately he trained his last 21 on a hill and he was able to pass more runners and to lost almost 10 seconds arguing with Draculina before using his last forces to sprint at 14.5 kph the last 300 metres.

Unfortunately me and Mother Bunny got lost but you can check his result here. He won with a 0:43:41 chrono. But still a 21,065 kms and a 42.195 kms are part of out bets.

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  • The 1st kilometer mark in that Eurogames 10k was 400 m further according my gps.

    It was the only sad issue of a nice run were we ended with 200 m more.

    Take care of your father Miffa.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/28/2008 12:40:00 am  

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