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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Orange Cap Sect accepts a new member

Miffa is a member of The Supreme Council for The Bunny Attitude but as you might imagine the council is formed by many different bunnies that represents different parts of the world, different races, and of course who have different visions of the future bunny world.

As I have told to my daughter a lot of times one of the most widespread rabbit is the European Rabbit who has his origin in the Iberian Peninsula.

Anyways, she decided to become a Buddhist Bunny and to create her own sect inside it. As time passed by Draculina, Ookina and new members of the orange cap joined her and they have developed their own rules and culture.

Yesterday Draculina’s twin sister arrived from Hong Kong after a real nightmare finding her way from Madrid to Barcelona. She has been sleeping all the day long until 18:00 when Miffa, Ookina, Draculina and Miffu (the only no orange cap member accepted) were waiting to have tea.

The ceremony ended about 21:00 when Draculina’s twin sister has received her new nameDraculina J- and, after reading the letter 9j wrote, she was nominated as a new sect member.

Of course 9j is a member of the sect and the council. As Miffu, she is from Hong Kong and this is just enough to become a member if you pass the severe test and trials. You don’t need to wear that orange cap that – of course- denotes certain grade.

The graduation is a matter that it will be better explained by my daughter herself. In the pictures, please note the details that show the special character of this sect (ie: Miffa is wearing her band the other way out, with the golden colour outside)

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  • The rites and rituals of this sect (such as Miffa's ribbon)are complicated but fascinating! I especially like Miffu's glasses; it makes her look intelligent.
    I wish Draculina J would live up to the standard of the council. She shows that she has endurance and self-discipline when she lived with us in Hong Kong and did not binge drink.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/30/2008 05:16:00 am  

  • The double faced ribbon with the golden and red colors simbolizes my special status inside the sect.

    Note that Draculina J has her right hand over our Golden Dragon old box where two jade eggs that belonged to this powerful Dragon are kept. She swore loyalty to the sect and its members.

    Miffu is the secretary of the council and she write down important agreements and declarations - as an old scrivener she wears spectacles-

    Together we had white Chinese tea that i brought with mine past year, we also had rice liquor and green tea biscuits.

    Draculina J demostrated great discipline and great knowledge of HK - even the secret spots that only masters know about- without any doubt 9j belong to an ancient HK organization whose roots are in the black hat order of the Crane.

    We, the orange sect members show respect and admiration to 9j's order.

    By Blogger Miffa, at 7/30/2008 11:58:00 am  

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