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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hong Kong as you have never seen it!

A couple of days ago my friend 9j sent me a great gift, a 3d book who tells you about how my hometown has growth in the past years.
Whoever who knows me a little knows about my infinite passion about Hong Kong, a feeling that fortunately I share with my stepparents. I must admit that I like other cities too, and besides Barcelona is very nice city, but HK is far beyond them into my preferences.
I was born in Hong Kong Island, exactly in Yu Sung Boon Bldg, located at 107 - 111 Des Voeux Road and my sister Aurore Marie was born in Aberdeen in a floating house.
Thank to 9j I was able to meet again with my sister, but still there are many ones that I haven’t unable to know. We are a very big family but unfortunately widely spread all over HK territories.

The book by Kit Lau – a HK illustrator and Artist – shows several HK’s landmarks that are part of the city’s heritage. Those places have evolved though time with the people who lived, or still live here, and are essential to understand how the city has developed during past 50 or 60 years.

Together with the 3D figures we can find human stories who are inspired in Lau’s memories and his own family.
The only pity in that most of the landmarks and stories are vanishing now and some places have been demolished.
And just remember this if you plan to travel to HK, you will be glittered by lights and fast moving citizens but try to spend just some time watching the action passing by, after some time things freeze and in this “still” mode. HK show you all his beauty. After all you are on vacation and you don’t need to rush to anyplace.

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