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Monday, July 23, 2012

Tometaro's English Breakfast

Tometaro is used to a very different kind of breakfast. Although in his hotel (Park Hotel Tokyo) you can enjoy continental and English breakfast in the lobby restaurant,  he prefers a more traditional Japanese breakfast including miso soup, rice and some fish.

But he is in England now and there is no choice, so let me introduce some of the ingredients of today's Tometaro breakfast (he will become bigger than big Tometaro if he eats so much).

  • - British pork sausage
  • - fried egg over fried white bread
  • - baked beans
  • - fried potato flakes
  • - baked tomatoes
  • - bacon
  • - mushrooms
  • - scrambled eggs
  • - orange juice

not shown: terrible coffe and regular tea.


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