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Friday, August 31, 2012

Bangkok's China Town

During our first day in Bangkok we decided to fight jet lag visiting someplace close enough to our hotel as not top put more stress in our bodies and interesting enough not to fall sleep.

So we headed North following Chao Praya river to Bangkok’s China Town.  As you can expect it’s like a little piece of China inside a Thai city, or not?

We have been in New York’s, Singapore’s and some other ones (some of them as weird as La Habana’s).

Let’s say that it’s just another area plenty of shops, good food, food stalls, with just a few foreigners.  So it’s just an average “China Town” until you get lost inside where traffic and people make it one of the most chaotic places I have been.

Motorbikes are all over in pedestrian areas, cars and even trucks have absolutely priority over you and , unlike other places both inside China or outside it, people are reckless and show poor manners.

It is a must go during the night, specially for it’s food and restaurants, don’t expect any great merchandise or good prices here, so keep your shopping money for other places (like, may be, the MBK center)

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