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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Ruea Hang Yao (เรือหางยาว) Long Tail Boat

Long tail boats are a common transportation along Chao Phraya river. Well known for the scene where Mr. "Grandpa Moore" Bond use one to pursuit one of the bad guys. (The man with a golden gun)

The ones you can spot in the (tourist trap warning) floating markets generally use 4 in line diesel engines with or without turbo and are fast, noisy and spectacular.

But absolutely craziness arrives to some of the units that go up and down the river featuring large Toyota, Isuzu, and Nissan six a even eight cylinders.

Most of them have no intake filter and no silencer (I have not seen any) so imagine noise and polution.

There's no gearbox and neutral is achieved lifting the large pool where the helix is placed, same way, moving the whole engine and pool the driver change direction.

Of course my father wanted to drive one, but even offering some good money they said: no way!

They're really spectacular but annoying after some time because of big noise, vibration and smokes.

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