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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snow & Ski - Andorra GrandValira - Part 1

It had been a while since my first trip to Andorra. I was there with my sister in 2006 (you can check it here).

But lately I have discovered a nice place called Canillo (from there you can access Grandvalira ski resort). I visited it for the first time past December and this past weekend too. 

I love snow - have you notice my fur is white and that I wear winter clothes? - but unfortunately there's not a lot in Barcelona or Hong Kong... Even in Andorra you ave to go up in the mountains to step on it.

Fortunately my two visits to Andorra have coincided with some of the best snow days people can remember in last years. And lowest temperaturest too.

So, what we got was a very nice hotel with spa, plenty of snow (more than one meter) just on the streets, great powder to ski, great food, great fun...

...and of course an old man complaining about the road conditions and thinking if we could be able to return home. (i am talking about my Father).

 It was snowing a little bit when we arrived
 Tometaro and his friend at Grandvalira
  Ski Shuttle with "some" snow on its roof

  Father Bunny took his new snow boots

 Summer tires 255/50/R19, not the best choice
for snowy roads, but a lot of fun if fully insured.
(that is not the case)

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