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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Tsukiji fish market (third visit)

In the past (check here) I visited the world´s biggest fish market - Tsukiji- and we managed to enter the red tunna fish auction where only the best tunna is exposed and inspected to professional buyers.

You have to got early and you must be there about 4 am if you want to enter the auction, besides now you have to register in advance or may be the will completely bann visitor from the auction.

So we were lucky on that rainy spring morning when we manage to visit the auction, but if you're lazy you must paya a visit to the market too, great small restaurants, great fish, and above all - a lively atmosphere- that will surprise you a lot!

 Daikon Horseradish and Japanese "sweet potatoes"
 wasabi "Wasabia japonica"
 More Wasabi "premium one"
 Blacksmith finishing a "small" knife
 Some tunna traders who finished stocks
The market is closed during New Year's eve, this was the last day

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